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Default Air Force Logo Planning ahead can alleviate holiday stress triggers
Holiday stress and depression are often the result of three main trigger points: relationships, finances and physical demands. Understanding these trigger points can help you plan ahead on how to alleviate the stress associated with them.RelationshipsRelationships can cause turmoil, conflict or stress at any time, but tensions are often heightened
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(U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Jason J. Barnes) How to submit your innovative ideas
So you’ve got an innovative idea, now what?   There are a few avenues available for you to take action on your idea. One of the easiest ways is to submit your idea to a temporary SharePoint site that the 412th Test Wing Innovation Team set up specifically for this purpose.   Since hyperlinks are hit or miss depending on the current Air Force
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Tech. Sgt. Steven Eckles, 412th Test Wing Chapel Office, and his wife, Karen, perform during Edwards AFB's Operation Talent Search show April 27. They took second place in the Husband and Wife category at the Air Force level competition, which was announced this past week. (U.S. Air Force photo by Joseph Gocong) Edwards performers win big again at Air Force level
For the second time in three years, Edwards AFB Operation Talent Search performers have won at the Air Force level. The talent contest is conducted at bases around the world and gives Air Force communities the opportunity to showcase their talent…and Edwards is loaded with talent. Here at Edwards, the talent show was held April 27 at the Oasis
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(U.S. Air Force graphic) Edwards STEM program helping to inspire Antelope Valley youth
The Edwards AFB Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program is rising to the challenge of promoting opportunities available for those interested in or already pursuing an education in one of the STEM disciplines.   Though the Air Force has a nationwide STEM program, Edwards’ program focuses on reaching out within the Antelope Valley.
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Children learn how to properly operate a fire extinguisher during the fire department’s open house at Fort Eustis, Va., Oct. 10, 2015. The open house was part of this year’s Fire Prevention Week, which featured the theme of “Hear the Beep, Where you Sleep. “ (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Natasha Stannard/Released) S.P.E.E.D. up to P.A.S.S.
Have you considered speeding up to pass? Many times on the highways and byways to and from Edwards we find ourselves engaging on this impulsive action. However, in this case, when we say speed up to pass, we are referring to your protection and safety in the event of a fire emergency. All of us pass by the little red thing hanging on the wall in
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Maj. Tomoyuki Ono, U.S. Test Pilot School, Flying Qualities chief, poses for a picture on the coast of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Ono had the chance to participate in a Silver Flag exercise at Andersen Air Force Base last month, thanks to the Air Force's Language Enabled Airmen Program. (Courtesy photo) You can go far with Air Force's LEAP
As a member of the Language Enabled Airmen Program, I had the opportunity to support the first-ever Pacific Partner Nation Silver Flag exercise at Anderson Air Force Base, Guam, last month as part of a two-week TDY.This was the first time the Silver Flag exercise was held at the Pacific Regional Training Center with students from four different
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Default Air Force Logo The 2016 election year is here
Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz! Marco Rubio vs. Jeb Bush! Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders and, you know, that other guy!Forget the Super Bowl for a second, we're about to see the Super Bowl of election years!I can't remember an election season with so many televised debates and candidates. The drama, the excitement, the language; ouchies.We are in
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Default Air Force Logo Keep your family safe from carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide, or CO, is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that can kill you and your family. Each year 400 Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning, there are more than 20,000 visits to the emergency room and more than 4,000 are hospitalized. We're here to help you keep your family safe!What exactly is carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide
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Default Air Force Logo Touched by suicide
So I thought I knew who was touched by suicide. I thought it was friends and family, co-workers, supervisory chain and those things that I think make sense; but I have learned it can be broader and lasting.I was touched by suicide a few years ago. Not family, not friend, not in the chain of command. An Airman yes, but an Airman not known to me. I
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(U.S. Air Force photo) Happy Fourth of July!
Team,This Independence Day weekend, we celebrate the day our great nation declared independence for the original thirteen colonies and thus the birth of the United States of America.The Declaration of Independence is the nation's most cherished symbol of liberty, an ideal we continue to cherish and protect.Here the history of our country and its
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