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Mental Health

Depression is real…

It’s way more than just feeling sad, and can be caused by your environment, thoughts, beliefs, biology, and/or other factors. It lasts for more than just a few days, and it impacts your ability to function normally.

Some of its other symptoms include:

  •   Losing interest in activities that used to be enjoyable
  •   Feeling worthless
  •   Decreased drive and/or energy
  •   Changes in sleep and/or appetite
  •   Thoughts of being better off dead
  •   Poor concentration

Luckily, treatment for depression is also real! Effective approaches include techniques to cope, psychotherapy to yank the problem from the root, anti-depressants (FYI, they’re not addictive), or a combination of these. Tip: a combination is the best approach for moderate and severe depression.

Some people google symptoms to self-diagnose; please don’t do this. Check out these trusted apps for more accurate info, helpful strategies (practice, practice, practice), and short tests to see where you’re at.

Finally, you can chat with a professional in a judgement-free zone through Military OneSource, the Military Life Consultants at the AFRC, or your friendly neighborhood Mental Health Clinic (for Active Duty only). There’s always room for more resiliency; let’s do this!

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