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I’m a really big fan of (a specific aircraft or person). Can you send me a photo?

If the aircraft was flown at Edwards, or the person you're looking for was a test pilot here, there's a good chance the photo is available in our Photo Gallery, and you may download it at your convenience. If what you are seeking isn't in the gallery, e-mail your request and we'll make every effort to e-mail the photo to you.

We would like a specific aircraft to fly over our special event? How do we make this request?

The first step is getting your event approved for aerial support. Directions and the forms you'll need to complete are available at the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events website.
 Careers and Other Questions

Do you sell T-shirts, jackets, patches, etc.?

The Air Force Test Center Museum offers a good selection of souvenirs. For more information, contact the AFFTC Museum at (661) 277-8050.

What is a sonic boom, and how do I file a complaint about it?

A sonic boom is a loud noise resembling thunder that is caused by an aircraft moving faster than any vibrations it creates in the air. Air reacts like a fluid to supersonic objects. Instead of vibrating molecules, as in the case of thunder, the aircraft actually displaces air, pushing it aside with great force. This forms a pressure, or shockwave, much as a boat or ship pushes up a low wave of water. The bigger and/or heavier the aircraft, the more air it displaces.

To file a complaint about sonic booms, contact the Public Affairs office at (661) 277-3510.

Where can I find job opportunities at Edwards Air Force Base?

Edwards' job opportunities can be found here and here.
 News and Updates

How do I save a high resolution photo from the gallery? How do I view a 300 dpi photo in the gallery?

To view a 300 dpi image, select the high-resolution option, right click on the image and choose the save as option to save it to your hard drive. If you use an image downloaded from this site, as a courtesy, please identify it as a U.S. Air Force Photo or image. However, you must not imply the Air Force endorses anything done with the photos or images.

I’m creating a movie/video/book and I need photos/videos/information pertaining to Edwards Air Force Base. How do I get this?

Contact the public affairs office at (661) 277-3510.

 Is the Edwards Air Force Base newspaper available online?

Although Edwards is still producing a base newspaper, the news itself is posted on this website.

 Where can I get information on space available (AMC) travel?

Air Mobility Command's web page features information on the rules and locations offering Space-A travel. There are very few Space-A opportunities at Edwards.

 Where can I get the latest news about Edwards?

Visit the News area of this website for the latest news and archived news articles.

How do I apply to the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School?

Visit the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School section of this website for details on eligibility requirements and application procedures for TPS.

How do I get prescriptions filled, or make appointments at the Edwards Air Force Base Clinic? Who can be seen at the Edwards Air Force Base Clinic?

The Edwards Clinic is currently open to military members, retirees and their dependents on a space availability bases. For more information, visit the 412th Medical Group page.
 People at Edwards

How do I locate a person who is at Edwards now?

Call the Base Operator at (661) 277-1110 or use the Air Force World Wide Locator.

 How do I locate a person who worked at Edwards many years ago?

Try the Air Force World Wide Locator. It's used to find people still in the Air Force. However, if the person is no longer working for the Air Force, the Locator will not be of use. The Locator provides background on the service and instructions for its use.

 I’m a fan of Chuck Yeager. How do I get an autographed photo? Where do I write to him? Does he have an e-mail address? How do I make a request for him to speak at an event?

Sorry, Chuck Yeager does not have an e-mail address. However, you can write him at P.O. Box 579, Penn Valley, CA 95946.

 Is there an online telephone directory for Edwards?

For security reasons, Edwards can not put the base telephone or e-mail directories online.
 Tours, Events and Visiting

When is the next Aerospace Valley Open House and Air Show?

There is currently no scheduled Aerospace Valley Open Air Show.  

Do you have a museum at Edwards? Is it open to the public?

The Air Force Flight Test Museum, normally open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except for federal holidays and certain special events; is closed on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays until further notice.

Their telephone number is (661) 277-8050.

The museum is open to base personnel and individuals who have the appropriate credentials to enter the installation.


I grew up at Edwards. Am I able to visit the base, housing areas, and schools? Where can I find information on Desert High School Alumni?

Edwards is a closed base. If you do not have a military I.D. card, you must be employed on base as a civilian and have the appropriate identification or you must be sponsored on by someone who lives or works here. In addition to a sponsor, you need a valid driver's license, auto registration and proof of insurance.

For up-to-date information and links to alumni, visit the official Desert High School Web site. You may also visit the Muroc Joint Unified School District website to find information about other schools.