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  • New checklist changes increases combat air power

    For years the Raptor community has endured ground aborts for deployment and readiness flights due to a hardware limitation associated with its external fuel tanks. Recently the 411th Flight Test Squadron and F-22 Combined Test Force worked hand in hand with the broader F-22 enterprise to correct this deficiency resulting in a dramatic increase in combat capability during the latest readiness exercise at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.
  • Eddie’s Quest to the Benefield Anechoic Facility

    This March, the B-1B spent two weeks undergoing tests in the BAF. The tests involved measuring the performance of various antenna configurations on the aircraft within an anechoic chamber. . Typically, our engineers would have measured the performance of the antennas and provided the data back to the program office. After some months of data reduction and analysis, the engineers would determine if the antenna design needed more work and more testing. Our engineers had a better idea!
  • Delivering Performance at the Speed of Relevance

    In the past few days, the developmental test team at Edwards Air Force Base and the Air Force Test Center completed a vital test effort that directly impacted the warfighter. It was a joint effort with combat capability on the line. It didn’t take a decade to complete; it didn’t take a year or even six months. In fact, this critical test took less than a month from the initial program office request until the testing was finished and decision-quality data were delivered to the customer.
  • The Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe

    Three months ago, I drove through the north gate to begin this current assignment. As I drove by the “Welcome to Edwards” sign, a wave of emotion swept over me. I was overwhelmed, humbled, and amazed that I was again back at The Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe.
  • 116 Day Innovation Blitz

    For the next 116 days, we will aggressively follow our forefathers’ lead. Starting today, we are instituting an innovation blitz in every unit and throughout our wing. We will leverage all of the energy and creativity that we can muster to pursue those innovations that will improve our processes, our lives, our units, and our ability to test and evaluate for the warfighter. We will look within ourselves and we will look around us. We will collaborate with others in the test community and throughout the Aerospace Valley.
  • Planning ahead can alleviate holiday stress triggers

    Holiday stress and depression are often the result of three main trigger points: relationships, finances and physical demands. Understanding these trigger points can help you plan ahead on how to alleviate the stress associated with them.RelationshipsRelationships can cause turmoil, conflict or stress at any time, but tensions are often heightened
  • How to submit your innovative ideas

    So you’ve got an innovative idea, now what?   There are a few avenues available for you to take action on your idea. One of the easiest ways is to submit your idea to a temporary SharePoint site that the 412th Test Wing Innovation Team set up specifically for this purpose.   Since hyperlinks are hit or miss depending on the current Air Force
  • Edwards performers win big again at Air Force level

    For the second time in three years, Edwards AFB Operation Talent Search performers have won at the Air Force level. The talent contest is conducted at bases around the world and gives Air Force communities the opportunity to showcase their talent…and Edwards is loaded with talent. Here at Edwards, the talent show was held April 27 at the Oasis
  • Edwards STEM program helping to inspire Antelope Valley youth

    The Edwards AFB Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program is rising to the challenge of promoting opportunities available for those interested in or already pursuing an education in one of the STEM disciplines.   Though the Air Force has a nationwide STEM program, Edwards’ program focuses on reaching out within the Antelope Valley.
  • S.P.E.E.D. up to P.A.S.S.

    Have you considered speeding up to pass? Many times on the highways and byways to and from Edwards we find ourselves engaging on this impulsive action. However, in this case, when we say speed up to pass, we are referring to your protection and safety in the event of a fire emergency. All of us pass by the little red thing hanging on the wall in