Face coverings are mandatory in all in-door settings!  All Civilian, Active Duty members and dependents are reminded to avoid visiting the Commissary, Base Exchange, Bldg 3000 and the Pharmacy on Wednesdays. Retirees are also being seen on Wednesdays at the CAC/DEERS office by appointment only.  Please call 661-277-4281 option 3, to make an appointment. Retirees may utilize base facilities on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Leadership By Example

    There’s absolutely no doubt that we’re living through multiple unprecedented events - simultaneously. Your continued leadership *by example* in our four simultaneous combat fronts is vital to the current and future defense of our Nation, her Partners, and her Allies. Let’s not get distracted… our success in these four combat fronts remains as vital in 2021 as it was through the last 10 months of 2020:
  • Happy Holidays

    Team T-Cot-A-TU!Please accept my warmest wish to you, your family, and your close friends for an amazing Holiday Season.  No matter the late-December tradition you cherish and participate in, know that my family and I wish you the very brightest Holiday possible!Even as 2020 has been an unprecedented year for many things that we never want to
  • Gone West

    An incredible era and an exceptional life lived has ended within our family at The Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe.  Soberly I write this message to inform all of you that Brig Gen Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager, USAF (ret), passed away yesterday at the age of 97.  Many of you know some of his Airman’s story, but I encourage you to read it
  • We have many things to be thankful for!

    At its core, I see the Thanksgiving Holiday as a time to cherish close friends and family, but also to reflect in a grateful manner on the blessings we have received this past year.  It remains my fondest hope that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, socially connecting in a manner that safeguards your family; keeping in mind that sacrifices this year in the height of a once-in-a-century pandemic will pay dividends for many Thanksgivings into the future.  I know the major events that shaped this year in unpredicted and unprecedented ways are not events or forces we want to repeat going forward, but if you look closely you’ll still see, as I do, many many things to be thankful for.
  • We're At 264 Days

    Team T-Cot-A-TU!Most of you have been on a commercial airline enjoying a smooth, calm flight when one of the pilots makes an announcement.  Maybe you are relishing the amazing view from 39,000 feet out your window seat or you are engrossed in a great book.  Maybe you are watching a movie or a ball game on your tablet or – like me very often –
  • Commander's Log: Freedom & Equality

    Air Force Test Center Family, this is a deeply troubling time for our Nation.  Even as we struggle to unite in our fight against COVID-19, we find the fabric of society stretched thin by racial inequality and senseless violence, at times involving those in our communities who have sworn to protect and defend us.  Many of you are concerned about your safety and the impact this divisiveness could have on your loved ones.  There is much uncertainty today, and no better time to renew our commitment to each other and to our shared values.
  • KNOW the Threat! RESPECT the Threat!! BEAT the Threat!!!

    The 412th Test Wing Commander, Brig. Gen. Matthew Higer, encourages Team Edwards to KNOW the Threat, RESPECT the Threat, and BEAT the Threat of COVID-19.
  • Worker distraction a precursor to mishaps

    The current pandemic has caused unprecedented changes to the way we are doing business. It involves a great deal more than split shifts, minimum manning and taking time to disinfect before doing anything else.
  • Our Nation Still Needs You To Compete

    Team Edwards,As of Monday 20 April 2020, it is precisely 75 days since I began my service to you, the AV community, the Air Force, and The Nation as the 412 Test Wing Commander.  I am as surprised as anyone where we find ourselves as individuals, families, a community, a service, and a Nation a short 2½ months later; but here we are… and the
  • COVID-19 Installation 412th TW Commander's Snapshot

    Team Edwards!As we continue to confront the COVID-19 threat to us, our families, our community, and our Nation, I’d like to take a few moments of your time to share a quick snapshot of what’s been on my mind as your Installation Commander.First, this unprecedented situation does not change the fundamental priorities I expect of any organization I

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