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  • Cover Your Trash

    Over the past several decades, the intelligence of ravens has allowed them to thrive in increasingly human-altered ecosystems. With each new development, new opportunities arise for ravens to find food, water and nest sites.

  • When it Comes to Snakes - Play it Safe!

    Warmer temperatures mean an increase in encountering our legless friends going about their lives and providing natures pest control services.  Snakes, like most animals, have no desire for human contact and should be treated with respect and given the chance to go about their lives in peace.

  • Summer Grilling

    When the warmer weather hit, there’s nothing better than the smell of food on the grill. Seven out of every 10 adults in the U.S. have a grill or smoker, which translates to a lot of tasty meals. But, it also means there’s an increased risk of home fires.

  • Don't Speed On Base

    Team Edwards,I’ve noticed a trend of Edwards personnel speeding on base.  This is a reminder that installation speed limits are limits.  There is no grace for going “1-10 mph over” the posted limit.  The limits exist for your safety and those around you. The expectation is that you drive smart, be

  • 412th Test Wing Annual Award Winners

    It was a great honor and privilege to announce our 412th Test Wing Annual Award Winners.  Please join me in congratulating them when you see them in-person or virtually!!!If you missed the live broadcast where we bragged on these amazing Americans to the world and would like to watch it, please use

  • Christmas tree safety

    During the holiday season, please be cautious a dry tree could start a small fire, that will grow and spread very quickly. Please read these tips to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

  • Holiday Cooking Safety

    Cooking brings family and friends together, provides an outlet for creativity and can be relaxing. But didyou know that cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home injuries? By followinga few safety tips you can prevent these fires.

  • Edwards Fire and Emergency Services: Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

    Edwards Fire and Emergency Services encourages all residents to embrace the 2021 Fire Prevention Week theme. It’s important to learn the different sounds of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. When an alarm makes noise—a beeping sound or a chirping sound—you must take action!

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