Celebrating Black History Month – poetry helps Edwards Airman maintain strong work-life balance

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Gabriella "Gabby" Gray
  • 412th Test Wing, Military Personnel Flight

Editor's Note: Gabriella "Gabby" Gray works at Edwards' Military Personnel Flight as an Awards and Decorations Technician. She processes decorations into member's records, helps members determine their eligibility for awards, resolves any errors in their records and answers question they might have. In her free time, Gabby is a poet. "Writing poetry strengthens, encourages and gives me purpose. Poetry anchors me so that I don't drown in negativity or live in denial about the difficulties of life. It cultivates balance that I hope can also benefit and encourage others," she said. She wrote the poem "Not Much" below in celebration of Black History Month.

Not Much
by Gabby Gray

If you don’t have much to give
This message is for you.
Listen to this and soon you’ll see,
That there are so many things you can give for free.

Maybe you don’t have much to offer
But wait, tell me, can you smile?
Perhaps you have a kind and friendly face?
What if you gave someone flowers in a vase?

Maybe you don’t have much to offer
But can you, can you offer a warm hand?
A hug that tells someone they are finally safe?
Help slow a friend’s thoughts to a steady pace?

Do you not have much to give?
Do you not have any kind words within?
No qualities worth anything to needy men?
May I suggest, perhaps, just being a friend?

Maybe you can’t offer much
But to someone, I promise it’ll be enough.
These shows of love will be enough.
This gift to someone will mean so much.

So, offer your kind eyes and smiling lips.
Offer a friendly face, flowers in a vase,
And even offer your place.
But mostly, offer your grace.

This is the message I lay before you.
Hopefully, now you can see
How “not much,”
Is so much more than you ever thought it could be.