Bioenvironmental Engineering

Location: 55 N. Wolfe Ave, Bldg 3925
Edwards AFB, CA 93524

Phone: (661) 277-3272

DSN: 527-3272

Operating hours: Monday - Friday, 0730-1600

Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) provides occupational and environmental health services for the installation. Industrial workplaces are periodically
evaluated and provided health risk assessments that identify potential risks as well as protective actions required and recommended to validate workers
execute the mission in a healthy work environment. BE evaluates the installation drinking water to confirm it meets Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) standards. BE is the installation point of contact for radioactive materials (RAM) and radiation producing devices (RPDs); all
entities/organizations that bring or use RAM/RPD (to include contractors) on Edwards Air Force Base must be coordinated with BE and be approved prior to use/presence on Edwards AFB. During emergency response, BE provides health risk assessment and protective measures for responders and surrounding community.