Pharmacy, Radiology & Laboratory

Location: Building 5525
30 Nightingale Rd
Edwards AFB, CA 93524

Phone: Pharmacy - (661) 277-2052
Radiology - (661) 277-2681
Laboratory - (661) 277-2306

How do I get medication refills?

If you have an existing prescription that is still active with refills left, please call the Pharmacy at 661-277-9896. Typically, if you're running out of a medication (down to last refill or last set of doses), it means your provider is expecting you to follow-up for re-evaluation. Please make a follow-up appointment prior to running out so your provider can see how you are doing. If your prescription has expired or you have no refills left, please call the appointment line at 661-277-7118 at least one week prior to running out of your medication, and ask to leave a telephone consult for your provider's nurse. Please have the name and dosage of the medication ready to provide to the phone clerk, as it makes renewing your prescription easier.

As long as the provider determines that you do not need a follow-up appointment prior to prescription renewal, your refill request will be taken care of within 72 hours. Any questions regarding your medications that can be handled by the pharmacy should be directed to their staff at 661-277-9896. Refills can be picked up at the main clinic pharmacy or Plant 42 location in Palmdale. You must specify which location when you call in the refill.

Can I get lab results from the Lab?
No. Lab results must be communicated by your provider or provider team to ensure any needed education occurs. Also, to make sure that proper documentation is placed in your medical record regarding the lab results and any actions that follow.

What do I do if I am told to Fast for my lab?
Have nothing to eat for 10 to 12 hours prior to your test. No smoking or alcohol 3 days prior to your test. If you are on medication, continue to take your medication with water only. (Contact your provider if this conflicts with prescription instructions). No coffee (except black coffee), juice, milk, tea, sodas, sports drinks. Not all Lab tests require fasting, but as a general rule we encourage all our patients to come to the lab fasting. This will enable us to tackle any contingency that might require additional lab testing of your sample.

Can I get labs from a civilian provider drawn at the Lab at Edwards AFB?

As of 15 March 2023, the Edwards laboratory can no longer take prescriptions from civilian providers who are not within the TRICARE network and for patients who are non-empaneled to the 412th MDG. Additionally, the laboratory can no longer accept civilian scripts needing tests that are currently performed by civilian labs. The required tests would need to be taken to a civilian lab to be completed. Our clinic laboratory performs limited lab tests for civilian providers. Please call the lab staff directly at 661-277-2306 to confirm whether or not your specific test can be performed. All patients can have their civilian provider's lab work performed downtown as part of their TRICARE referral, whether it is available in our lab or not. Lab tests performed downtown are included as part of the referral for care and there are no out of pocket costs to the patient. The downtown lab will notify the civilian provider (not the MDG) of the results. For lab tests performed by the Edwards clinic lab for your civilian provider, your provider must request the results be sent to them. Some tests may take up to 2 weeks to obtain the final results. It is in your best interest to use a civilian lab setting when seeing a civilian provider. Lab order prescriptions from a civilian provider must have either a written or digital signature on the order. If one is not placed on the order, the laboratory cannot accept it.  

How can I get lab work/x-rays completed for my procedure or surgery downtown?
Consult with your provider at the facility where your surgery will be performed before having lab work completed. Often, pre-operative lab work is required within three days of your procedure or surgery date. Some lab work drawn at the Edwards clinic is sent to reference laboratories and the turn-around time exceeds three days. Please allow 7-10 business days for the lab work to be completed and sent to your provider. X-rays performed at the Edwards clinic are sent to an off-site Radiologists for interpretation. This process may exceed three days which could delay your surgery.

Can I have my PCM at the Edwards clinic order lab work for my downtown provider?
This cannot be done. This would actually delay your care because those test results will not automatically be sent to your civilian provider by the lab. Due to privacy regulations, only Patient Administration can release those test results to another provider and only after the patient signs a release of information document. These extra steps add additional delays in completing this process.

The laboratory will perform tests for patients being seen by a civilian physician if the patient is normally authorized medical care in the military medical system. The laboratory will only accept these requests on a preprinted prescription pad or lab request form showing the physician's name, address and phone number. Due to public law, the laboratory is prohibited from using monies from the Supplemental Care Fund for CHAMPUS/TRICARE patients. If the laboratory can run the test in-house or ship the test to a military or other government lab, we will honor the request. The results will be faxed to the requesting physician upon telephone request from doctor's office.

Tests available at the 412th MDG:
24 hour turn-around-time:

Basic Metabolic Profile (BMP, Chem 7):
· Sodium
· Potassium
· Chloride
· Carbon Dioxide
· Glucose
· Blood Urea Nitrogen
· Creatinine

Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP, Chem 12)
· Calcium
· Phosphorus
· Aspartate Aminotransferase
· Albumin
· Total Protein
· Total Bilirubin

Hepatic Function Profile (Liver profile, LFTs)
· Alanine Aminotransferase
· Aspartate Aminotransferase
· Total Bilirubin
· Albumin
· Alkaline Phosphatase

Electrolyte Profile
· Sodium
· Potassium
· Chloride
· Carbon Dioxide

Lipid Profile
· Total Cholesterol
· Triglycerides
· High Density Lipoprotein
· Low Density Lipoprotein (Calculated only)

1, 2 & 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

· CBC ( WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct, Plt, Indices)
· Hgb/Hct
· ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)

· Complete UA (microscopic included)

· HCG test (Qualitative Only)
· Post vasectomy analysis

DoD/Government Reference lab tests (7-10 business day turn-around time):
T-3 (free only)
T-4 (free only)
Hepatitis A/B/C panel

Vitamin B12/Folate

Iron Studies