• STARBASE announces new MiSS afterschool program

    STARBASE Edwards is proud to present a new after school STEM program directed to girls from Kern County funded by The Women’s and Girls Fund and supported by Kern Community Foundation. The aim of the STARBASE 2.0 MiSS program is to provide girls with leadership initiatives, foster positive social change, and create STEM awareness and opportunities unmet by current strategies.
  • 412th MDG conducts “Dustoff” training with Fort Irwin helicopters

    Medical personnel from the 412th Medical Group conducted vital life-saving training on “dustoff” procedures at Edwards Air Force Base, California, July 15.
  • CSAF delivers powerful message in new Air Force commercial

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr. delivers a powerful message about air power and diversity in a new Air Force commercial titled “Helmet.”
  • SparkED, innovative mindset fuel problem solving techniques through robotics

    In 2020, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. stated that his vision for the service is to “Accelerate Change or Lose.” So Airmen from all over the force have charged forward to embrace and further the Air Force culture as innovators.
  • Biologists help desert tortoise defy odds, rehab, return to desert after car collision

    On a recent warm sunny day, Kali the desert tortoise defied the odds. Just six months earlier her continued existence was in doubt. She had been struck by a car on Rosamond Boulevard in the sometimes frenetic traffic near the West Gate, and her life hung in the balance. She was bleeding and her shell had been cracked, exposing the soft tissue beneath
  • Biologists offer crash course in keeping desert tortoises safe from, well, crashes

    In an effort to prevent as many of those collisions as possible, base biologists put together something of a crash course in auto-tortoise safety. With desert tortoises being federally listed as a threatened species, it is important for base workers and residents to be aware that they are likely to be found on or near roadways. Tortoises are attracted to roads because they provide easy transportation routes and are places that collect and concentrate scattered rainfall in puddles, biologists say.
  • Air Force releases new B-21 Raider artist rendering

    The Air Force released a new B-21 Raider artist rendering graphic with an accompanying fact sheet today. As with past renderings, this rendering is an artist’s interpretation of the B-21 design.
  • CMSAF visits Team Edwards

    Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass arrived at Edwards Air Force Base, California, June 28, for a two-day base tour and met with the Airmen, families and civilians who make up Team Edwards.
  • Air Force, local leaders address traffic safety around Plant 42

    Operating Location Plant 42 hosted local civic leaders, law enforcement and mission partners to address traffic safety around the facility in Palmdale, California, June 30.
  • 412th EWG holds Family Day

    The 412th Electronic Warfare Group celebrated its first Family Day in nearly two years at Edwards Air Force Base, California, June 18.
  • 812th CES Exercises sUAS Capabilities

    The 812th Civil Engineering Squadron’s quarterly exercise kicked-off June 4 in North Base at Edwards Air Force Base, California, with a goal to increase interoperability and to hone emergency response capabilities between the three flights of CES: Ordnance Disposal, Fire Department and Emergency Management.
  • Space Test Class descends on Tehachapi

    Students from the United States Test Pilot School Space Test Fundamentals Course Class 21-2 gathered at Mountain Valley Airport’s glider school in Tehachapi, Calif., June 3, 2021, to strengthen their understanding of time-compressed data collection practices in unfamiliar environments.
  • AFMC designates $5 million for AFMC We Need efforts

    The Air Force Materiel Command released $5 million in funding for projects across the mission as it continues to drive towards the goals of the AFMC We Need.
  • Desert Junior-Senior High School teacher wins Teacher of the Year Award

    Desert Junior-Senior High School teacher, Jason Spitzer, has been named as the 2021 Kern County Teacher of the Year.
  • B-1B Lancer Undergoes Electronic Warfare Testing in the BAF

    A B-1B Lancer was rolled into the Benefield Anechoic Facility (BAF) at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on May 20. The aircraft will undergo testing of a portion of the B-1B Defensive Software suite, Pre-processor Flight Software (PFS) 6.42.
  • AFTC Airmen armed with tools for mental wellness

    As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close 31 May, there has never been a more appropriate time to gauge the mental health of yourself and others. Base helping agencies across the Air Force Test Center are here to help.
  • Desert Junior-Senior High student named California military youth of the year

    Kierstin Baldwin, a junior at Desert Junior-Senior High School on base, was named the California Boys and Girls Clubs Military Youth of the Year for 2021 and received a $2,500 scholarship recently.
  • Test Center champions professional development summit

    Over 160 AFTC Airmen from AEDC, Eglin, and Edwards AFB tuned in to learn more about Test and its strategic importance to National defense.
  • 370th Flight Test Squadron conducts air refueling operations with F-15EX Eagle II’s

    F-15EX Eagle II’s from the 40th Flight Test Squadron, 96th Test Wing, and 85th Test and Evaluation
  • Local Eagle Scout Blazing Trails

    Now is a great time to dust off your mountain bike or hiking boots and take advantage of the roughly 30 miles of mapped, single and double-track trails on Edwards Air Force Base. The trails have existed here for many years but recently, thanks to the efforts of 14 year old Eagle Scout William Fann, marked and mapped out for base personnel to enjoy