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The 412th Test Wing Office of the Staff Judge Advocate provides high-quality legal advice and support in the areas of civil law, contract law, labor law, environmental law, claims, and military justice for courts-martial and non-judicial punishment actions. The office also provides legal assistance to individual military members, retirees and family members on personal, non-criminal legal matters.


The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate provides free legal services and advice to all active duty personnel and their dependents as well as Air Reserve Component members on active duty orders and their dependents.  Additionally, retired personnel and their dependents, and dependent survivors may also receive legal assistance to the extent personnel and facilities are available.  Legal assistance is provided by licensed attorneys in accordance with AFI 51-304, Legal Assistance, Notary, Preventive Law, and Tax Programs.

The Air Force Legal Assistance Program provides a variety of services to eligible personnel, including notaries, powers of attorney, and wills and estate planning.  Additionally, attorneys can provide legal counseling and guidance on personal civil legal matters such as divorce, adoption, landlord-tenant issues, tax questions, etc. 

Powers of Attorney:  A power of attorney is a legal document that allows another to conduct legal actions on your behalf (such as selling a house) and can be either special (usually connected with a single transaction or event) or general (total power over another's legal affairs). Special powers of attorney drafted to fit individual needs on a one-time basis or for a limited period of time are usually your best choice. The Legal Office is prepared to draft both.

Wills:  A will is a written legal declaration of how personal property should be distributed after death.  While not required, all Airmen are encouraged to have a will.  The Legal Office does not maintain old wills, nor does the Legal Office do updates to wills; rather, if you have changes to be made to your will, a new will be drafted.  Before making an appointment for a will, customers should complete a Will Worksheet located on the Air Force Legal Assistance Website.  Once a will ticket number is generated, please contact the Legal Office to schedule your appointment time.  If you do not have access to a computer or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the Legal Office to make arrangements for assistance.

Legal Assistance attorneys cannot represent clients in court, neither can they advise on criminal matters nor personal commercial business enterprises.  Additionally, Air Force attorneys cannot advise Airmen who are represented by a civilian attorney on the same subject matter.  The Area Defense Counsel is available for eligible personnel assistance with criminal matters or UCMJ related offenses at (661) 277-2809 or DSN 527-2809.


The 412th Test Wing Legal Office is located at the following address:
5 South Wolfe Avenue, Building 2800
Edwards Air Force Base, California 93524
COMM 661-277-4310  DSN 312-277-4310
Appointment requests and general inquiries may be sent to the JA org email at


Household goods claims and tort claims are managed through the Air Force Claims Service Center (AFCSC), located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.  Information on the claims process can be found on the AFCSC website at  For further information you may contact the Claims Service Center at 877-754-1212 or by email at  You may also contact the Legal Office for further guidance.
Smooth Move Briefing:  If you are required to complete the Smooth Move Briefing, you may access the online training module at  Once completed, please send your Smooth Move Certificate of Completion to to be signed off your out-processing checklist.  If you are having difficulties accessing the AFCSC website or viewing the Smooth Move Briefing, please contact the Legal Office for assistance.