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Welcome to the Public Affairs home page

Public Affairs provides trusted counsel to leadership, builds and sustains the public trust, enhances Airman morale, and supports global influence and deterrence in support of the 412th Test Wing and the Air Force Test Center.

The 412th Test Wing Public Affairs Office is responsible for the dissemination of information to both internal and external audiences. The office is comprised of the following sections: audio-visual and test support, digital engagement and innovation, graphics, operations and plans and community engagement. These sections work together to disseminate information about Edwards and advise leadership on the use of these to tell the installation and wing’s story.

Media Relations

Members of the media should be referred to, and contact, the Public Affairs Office Media Relations Branch at 412TW.PA.mediarelations@us.af.mil to ensure proper assistance. If you are approached by a member of any media outlet, please refer them to the Public Affairs Office.

For more information, call (661) 277-6082.


The Graphics Branch provides page design and layout services and mission support print services for the Air Force Test Center, the 412th Test Wing and tenant commands.

They may be contacted via e-mail at 412.tw.pa.graphics@us.af.mil.

For more information on Graphics services, call (661) 277-2783.

Multimedia / Media Fusion

Base multimedia services provide photography, video and audio support for a variety of base-level projects and events including flight & ground test documentation, ceremonies, awards presentations, and group photos. They also provide studio, portrait and official photos as well as all Alert photography.

In addition to these services, the base multimedia team is also responsible for providing Aerial photography and video support for the Air Force Test Center, 412th Test Wing and any associate units.

To request base multimedia services, call customer service at (661) 277-4710.

Internal Communication/BASE NEWS

Community members may suggest base events and happenings for coverage and submit news articles and items of interest through their Unit Public Affairs Representative or by contacting the PA Operations staff via e-mail at s531732@us.af.mil.

For more information, call (661) 277-4764.

Broadcast / Social Media

Straight Talk Line (commonly called Rumor Control) is available by calling (661) 277-2345. This service is managed by the Public Affairs Office Broadcast and Social Media Branch and provides facts concerning rumors or incidents happening on base and within the Air Force.

For more information, call (661) 277-8836.

Find and follow us at:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EdwardsAirForceBase
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EdwardsAFB
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/EdwardsAirForceBase


Edwards AFB offers tours for both large and small groups. All of our tours are free, but reservations are required. Minimum age for either tour is five years.

Large Group Tours are for groups of at least 15 people. General Public Tours are for small groups like families, couples or individuals.

Normally General Public Tours (GPT) are offered twice a month; usually on Fridays. They begin at 9 a.m. and end around 1:30 p.m. For the current list of GPT dates, go to www.edwards.af.mil/Contact-Us/Questions 
and look for the article on “Tours, Events and Visiting.”

Large Group Tours are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and on non-General Public Tour Fridays. We don’t normally offer tours on Mondays because the Museum is closed that day. The start and end times are flexible.

All of our tours are free and include visiting the Air Force Flight Test Museum as well as a windshield tour of the main base to include seeing our flightline.

We close the roster for each tour at least a week prior to the tour in order to properly process each roster with Security Forces and with the folks who make the name tags.

Citizens from countries other than USA (visiting with a passport on a visa) are welcome, but reservations must be made at least 30-calendar days in advance.

For more information, either send an e-mail to
s531636@us.af.mil or call (661) 277-3517.

Scouts Embarkation

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troops on base promote character, social skill development, citizenship training, sportsmanship, physical and mental fitness, and pride in a growing mind and body for boys and girls in first through 12th grade.

Scouting organizations may contact the Public Affairs Office Civic Outreach Branch via e-mail at s531636@us.af.mil.