Mental Health, Family Advocacy, Substance Abuse

Location: Building 5525
30 Nightingale Rd
Edwards AFB, CA 93524

Phone: Mental Health - (661) 277-5291
Family Advocacy - (661) 277-5292

How do I access mental health or counseling services for myself or my family members?
Mental Health Clinic provides counseling services to all AD members. Family members and retirees are seen on a case by case basis. Crisis intervention is provided for all beneficiaries. To access mental health services, call 661-277-5291, walk into Mental Health to make an appointment or request a referral from a primary care physician at the 412th MDG.

Family Advocacy Program provides marital and family counseling to active duty and family members only. Family Advocacy Nurse also provides prevention education, home visitation services, information and referral to new and expectant parents. To access services available through Family Advocacy, call 661-277-5292 or walk into the Family Advocacy Program for service options.

If I suspect child abuse or domestic violence, who do I contact?
To report suspected child or spouse maltreatment, please contact Family Advocacy at 661-277-5292.

Are there any parenting or anger management classes available on base?
Family Advocacy offers parenting classes for parents with children of various ages. To learn more about these classes, please call 661-277-5292. Anger management classes are offered regularly through Family Advocacy, call 661-277-5292 for more information."

What substance abuse services are available to the Edwards Community?
The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program (ADAPT) offers substance abuse evaluation and treatment for all AD personnel. AD personnel may self refer for an evaluation or be referred by their commander or 412th MDG provider. Adult family members can also be seen for an initial evaluation. If additional
services are required, they will be referred to TriWest for continued services. Other services such as outreach and prevention education are open to the general Edwards AFB community. For more information on ADAPT, please call 661-277-5291.

Is there an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group on base?
There is no AA group on base at this time; however, there are many groups in the local community off base. To find a group or meeting near you, call 661-277-5291.

What is the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), (formerly known as the Special Needs program)?
EFMP is designed to identify and protect active duty family members from being placed in areas that cannot support, or that would place a great burden on the family, for the medical, mental and/or educational needs of a family member.

Any active duty family member that has a qualifying chronic medical or mental health condition and/or is receiving special education services is required to enroll in EFMP. AD and family members may contact the Special Needs Coordinator (SNC) at the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) for enrollment information or questions about the program. Contact the SNC, as soon as a special need is identified or suspected. The SNC may be reached at 661-277-5036 or 661-275-2689.

Who handles the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) clearances?
EFMP clearances are handled by the SNC in collaboration with the Family Member Relocation Clearance Coordinator (FMRCC), the Medical Review Officer (MRO) and your Primary Care Manager (PCM). Contact the SNC or FMRCC at 661-277-5036 or 661-275-2689, as soon as a special need is identified or suspected. Or two, as soon as you are notified of a pending PCS move. Do not wait until you are ready to PCS. This is a large part of your PCS process, so start early to help ensure a smooth move.

Your PCS could be delayed or cancelled if you do not enroll in a timely manner.

Where is the Drug Demand Reduction Program (DDRP) office located?
The DDRP office is located in Bldg 3920, 65 Wolfe Rd. The hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0730-1630.

What type of testing does the DDRP perform?
The DDRP randomly collects urine samples from all military personnel assigned to Edwards and DoD civilians in Testing-Designated Positions. The DDRP also performs monthly unit sweeps, random gate checks, and weekend testing. Commanderdirected, voluntary consent, probable cause and mishap investigation testing is also conducted.

Is the DDRP office available for testing after normal duty hours?
Yes. A DDRP staff member is available to commanders for testing request, 24/7. Call 661-810-8019.

What is DEFY?
Drug Education For Youth (DEFY) is a free, 10-month, substance abuse awareness/mentoring program available to children (ages 9-12) of AD and Edwards' civilian employees. Applications for potential mentors and child-participants may be obtained from the DDRP (corner of Wolfe & North Muroc), Monday - Friday, 0730-1630. For more information, call 661-277-1354.