Rewriting women back into history

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Starr Williams
  • 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron
How many World War II female Air Force pilots have you learned about? How many other roles women have supported in aviation besides flying? The common response to these questions would be none.

Women have always played a major role in society; yet, many go unrecognized, many whose accomplishments were not truly appreciated until now.

The Women Air Force Service Pilot is a group of WWII female pilots. These women flew a variety of aircraft, supported the historical preservation of women pilots during WWII, as well as aided in the relief of male pilots from combat overseas during WWII. The women in this organization received the Congressional Gold Medal for their dedicated service to our country.

Aviation also has a support side including the many photos, books and museum exhibits that would not be around without the curators of our nation's passion to record history. Edward's has dedicated women's history month to the women of aviation. This year, the 95th ABW will host a question and answer forum and luncheon March 18. During these events, the honored guest will be Dorothy Cochrane Irma "Babe" Story, Flora Belle Reece and Marguerite "Ty" Killen, and they will talk about the struggles of being females in a male-dominated career field, preserving the history of aviation, making the decisions to join WASP, missions and personal memories.

To participate and get educated on the history of aviation in our country, call Staff Sgt. Starr Williams at 275-3650, Roberta Ross at 277-9119 or Carmen Arevalo at 276-3102.