412th Test Wing Annual Award Winners

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It was a great honor and privilege to announce our 412th Test Wing Annual Award Winners.  Please join me in congratulating them when you see them in-person or virtually!!!

If you missed the live broadcast where we bragged on these amazing Americans to the world and would like to watch it, please use the following links to access it:  HTTPS://www.Facebook.com/edwardsairforcebase/live  and https://www.Edwards.af.mil/live-video

Airman of the Year

  • SSgt Damon Zerby* - 412 CEG

NCO of the Year

  • TSgt Tiras Cunningham* - 412 TW

SNCO of the Year

  • MSgt Chad Hardesty* - 412 MSG

First Sergeant of the Year 

  • MSgt Raymond Billups* - 412 MSG

CGO of the Year

  • Capt Daniel Parsons* - 412 MSG

FGO of the Year

  • Maj Anthony Mirabile* - 412 OG

Honor Guard Program Manager of the Year

  • SSgt Mutia Graham - 412 MSG

Honor Guard Guardsman of the Year

  • SrA Jordan Bullock - 412 MSG

IMA CGO of the Year

  • Capt Michael Lough - 412 TW/JA

IMA FGO of the Year

  • Lt Col Richella Hope Gayden - 412 MXG

IMA SNCO of the Year

  • MSgt Colby Bostwick - 412 MXG

Supervision/Management of the Year

  • Phillip Remley - 412 CEG

Scientific/Engineering of the Year

  • Benjamin Stolte* - 412 OG

Staff/Technician of the Year

  • Alexander Ybarra - 412 MDG

Trades & Labor of the Year

  • William Plumstead* -  412 MXG

Administration/CSS of the Year

  • Laura Pinion* - 412 MSG

Specialist/Analyst of the Year

  • John Nichols - 412 CEG

Program Manager of the Year

  • Kevin Thorn - 412 TMG

Team of the Year

  • Weapons Standardization - 412 MXG

Test Team of the Year

  • F-35 Mission Systems Test Team - 461 FLTS

Innovator of the Year

  • Maj Elliot Erstein - 412 OG

Innovation Team of the Year

  • ET CTF Test Team - 412 TENG

Key Spouse of the Year

  • Ms Kelsie Perez* - 412 MXG

For the Warfighter of the Year

  • Maj Frank Panebianco - 412 OG

Volunteer of the Year

  • Lt Col Richard Baird - 412 MDG


*competing at AFTC next – best of luck!

I charged you all to “Compete!” and you did so in impressive manner.  Well Done.


Brigadier General, USAF

Commander, 412th Test Wing (AFMC)