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Warrior Games Profile - Wesley Glisson

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(Editor's Note: From September 28 to October 4, more than 40 athletes representing the Air Force will be in Colorado Springs competing in the 2014 Warrior Games. This is a profile of one of those athletes, providing a behind-the-scenes look at who they are and the sport they represent. Note: Some profile information in the graphics may be outdated due to recent birthdays or events. The most current player information is below.)

Warrior Games : Warrior Profile

Name: Capt. Wesley Glisson (Ret.)

Team: Warrior Games
Sports: Cycling, Track and Field
DOB: 23 Jun 1978
Birthplace: Conroe, TX
Hometown: New Waverly, TX
Current Residence: Cibolo, TX
Injury: TBI, Visual Impairment, Hearing loss

Personal Profile:

Retired Capt Glisson graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2001. While at the Academy, he played Division I Football. After commissioning with a BS in Civil Engineering, he served as a Design Engineer at FE Warren AFB, Wyoming. In the wake of 9/11, he deployed to Saudi Arabia and became the Wing Anti- Terrorism officer. His next assignment took him to Washington DC. Capt Glisson deployed to Afghanistan, this time for 6 months, and was responsible for the oversight of the main runway re-construction. With a move to Nellis AFB, Nevada he served as the Chief of Maintenance Engineering. While there, Capt Glisson was tasked to deploy to Iraq for 1 year and oversee the transition of facilities to the newly established Iraqi government in Baghdad, Iraq. He was injured in Iraq when he was shot in the back of the head. Wes is married to Amy (Hultin) Glisson, who graduated alongside him at the Academy in 2001. They have both served on active duty for the past 12 years.

Personal/Professional Achievements:

2013 Warrior Games Silver Medalist in Cycling