2019 Water Quality Report now online

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  • By 412th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron - Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight
  • 412th Test Wing

We feel it is important that our consumers know about where our water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to requirements set by regulatory agencies. This report is a snapshot of last year's water quality.

Last year, as in years past, our tap water met or exceeded all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and state drinking water health requirements.

Through regular monitoring, any contaminates found were verified to be within regulatory standards. The detected amounts and the associated standards, are included in the tables published within this  report.

The EAFB Drinking Water System draws water from two sources:

  • Antelope Valley East Kern (AVEK) Water Agency
  • On-base ground water wells

EAFB receives a majority of our water supply from the Antelope Valley East Kern (AVEK) Water Agency. The water received from the AVEK is supplied to EAFB in finished drinking water quality form.

The AVEK supply is primarily from the California aqueduct, a surface water source that currently has 12 Wells as of 2018. AVEK’s alternative supply is State Water Project water, which has been stored in the aquifer at various underground storage facilities (i.e. “water banks”). This water is extracted as local groundwater for water quality purposes or as supply during drought.

As a water wholesaler, the AVEK Water Agency published their 2018 Water Quality Report earlier this year, which is located at https://www.avek.org/2019-annual-water-quality-report-kern-county-system.

Additionally, water provided from AVEK is mixed with water supplied from on-base wells. In 2019, groundwater was supplied from three installation wells. All wells are located within the base boundaries, primarily near South and West Base areas. These wells are fed by the Antelope Valley Aquifer.  

The reports can be found at:

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