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  • Put safety first when fishing from boat, shore, or doing other water related activities

    No matter what type of boating activity you plan to pursue this summer, please put safety first, and don't be lulled into a sense of false security by seemingly benign boating activities.Fishing, for example, might seem much safer than some other water sports, such as wakeboarding or waterskiing. Yet it accounts for more than half of all fatal
  • Residents reminded of rules regarding refuse and recycling in base housing areas

    The Base Housing office would like to remind base residents about the base's refuse and recycling system.Refuse and recyclables are collected weekly in the family housing neighborhoods. Separate bins are provided to each residence for refuse, recyclables and green waste. Bins from one residence should never be relocated to another residence. The
  • Now, that is mentoring

    About ten years ago, after enlightening me with, no doubt, another gem of wisdom that went over my head, the colonel said to me, "now, that's mentoring!" Years later, I'm beginning to understand what mentoring really is and that we can easily miss it, even when it's right in front of us. We often seek mentoring from the wrong sources, we don't
  • Flight keeps up weather watch, warns base of severe summer storms

    With the start of summer at Edwards, it also means the start of thunderstorm season for the 412th Operation Support Squadron's Weather Flight.During summer, the wind flow in Southern California can shift to a southeast to southerly directional flow. This flow brings tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean into Southern
  • You call this a party? GORUCK Challenge pushes participants to limit

    Editor's Note: The GORUCK Challenge is advertised as 15- to 20-mile, eight- to 10-hour event held in major cities around the country, like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Denver. The challenge has been inspired by similar training offered to Special Forces soldiers. Two members of Team Edwards participated in the Los Angeles GORUCK Challenge in late
  • Leader’s Forum: The best self-improvement model starts with this – be yourself

    Follow the leadership book of the month or be yourself? I say, be yourself! Being you is how you got where you are and being you is more comfortable than trying to be someone else.Do we all constantly need to improve? Yes. Do leadership books help us do this? Of course they do. The issue is when people try to wholesale reinvent themselves based on
  • Leaders Forum: Whose team are you on? - The right answer can make all the difference

    Have you ever asked or thought about asking someone, "So whose team are you on, anyway?" While you may have found yourself asking this question out of frustration with something or someone, it's a good question to ask. And it's an even better one to ask yourself. Deciding whose team you are on often frames your entire perspective and approach to
  • Fireworks prohibited on base, always require safety precautions where they are allowed

    The Fourth of July is a time when family and friends gather to enjoy barbecues, picnics and beautiful fireworks displays. Unfortunately it is also a time when many people will experience injuries and cause damage to property using fireworks.Please take a few minutes to read the following information to ensure you and your family have a safe and
  • Leader's Forum: Our most precious resource

    It is a common feeling for almost everyone. We are too busy. There is too much to do and too little time. Growing audiences compete for our attention. Workplaces demand more in spite of shrinking resources. Technological "tools" actually consume more of our time, rather than alleviate our workload. How are we to cope?Time is the great equalizer.
  • DOD Force Protection Conditions employed to protect people, assets

    The Force Protection Conditions system has been approved by the Department of Defense to standardize the identification and recommended preventive actions and responses to terrorist threats against United States personnel and facilities.This system provides the framework for a commander to apply an operational decision about how best to protect