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  • Edwards' History

    THE NATURAL SETTING A parched and forbidding wilderness to those who first see it, the northwestern Mojave Desert is a land of coyotes and jack rabbits, of ragged greasewood and, of course, Joshua trees. It is a harsh land of sometimes stunning contrasts -- a land of griddle-hot days and

  • Edwards Telephone Directory

    Base Operator/Information(661) 277-1110 or DSN 527-1110The area code for Edwards and the surrounding area, including Rosamond, Lancaster, Palmdale, Mojave, Tehachapi, Bakersfield and Gorman, is 661. Phone prefixes for Edwards include 277 and 275 for work centers, 276 for NASA Dryden and 258 for the

  • Edwards Voting Assistance

    Voting assistance and resources is provided to all personnel (military, civilians, contractors) with access to Edwards AFB.Services include: military and civilian voter registration, military absentee ballot requests, federal write-in absentee ballot, and local voting assistance. EMAILInstallation

  • EW T&E University Course Descriptions

    A course calendar can be found through this link.For questions regarding courses offered at the EW T&E University, please e-mail ewteuniversity@us.af.mil.Fundamental Concepts - These courses provide a solid foundation in the basics concepts associated with testing EW systems. These are aimed at new