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  • Aerospace & Operational Physiology

    Location: Building 1250, room 124225 South Flightline Rd.Edwards AFB, CA 93524 Phone: DSN 527-3958/3978, Commercial 661-277-3958/3978 What aircrew training do you offer? Track A Physiological Refresher Training: Track A (formerly Trainer, Attack, Reconnaissance, Fighter - TARF): For aircrew who fly in ejection seat-equipped aircraft such as
  • Air Force Test Center

    The Air Force Flight Test Center was re-designated as the Air Force Test Center July 13, 2012, and is an essential cornerstone to the command's consolidation initiative from twelve centers to six. The Air Force Test Center (AFTC), headquartered at Edwards Air Force Base, California, leads the test and evaluation (T&E) mission, conducting