Cover Your Trash

  • Published
  • By 412th Civil Engineer Group
  • Edwards AFB Environmental Management

The raven is one of the most intelligent and resourceful birds in the world. Studies show that ravens can outperform the problem-solving skills of 5-year-old humans, and they can plan for the future. Over the past several decades, the intelligence of ravens has allowed them to thrive in increasingly human-altered ecosystems. With each new development, new opportunities arise for ravens to find food, water and nest sites.

These additional resources have enabled raven populations to exceed their natural limits, exerting unnatural pressure on other wildlife. Ravens are known to prey on lizards, birds and even young desert tortoises.

To maintain balance in the desert ecosystem, it is crucial to take certain measures:

  • ensure proper disposal of trash and secure lids of trash cans
  • avoid excessive irrigation and runoff
  • refrain from feeding wildlife
  • avoid leaving pet food, bird feeders and water bowls outside.

For more information on the impacts of ravens, please visit or contact the Environmental Management Office at 661-277-1401.