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  • Put safety first when doing spring cleaning

    Spring cleaning safety is not usually on people's minds when they begin to haul out all those cleaning supplies and equipment, but it should be.Every day we need to be careful when going about our household chores. When you start tearing the house apart and moving things around during spring cleaning, especially cleaning supplies and equipment, it
  • We cannot afford business as usual

    I am sure every organization has been asked over and over (usually the same question just asked differently); "What can you do to save money in your organization?"It's no secret that economic times are tough. Gas prices are hovering around four dollars a gallon, food prices are up, the housing market is down and it seems that every utility company
  • Dusk to dawn bicycle safety

    Spring and better weather are on the way and the bike riders are taking to the roadways. A recent accident involving a bicycle rider and an automobile on base should serve as a reminder that both bicyclists and drivers need to be aware of each other. Base leadership wants bike riders and motorists to share the road and be safe.When driving to and
  • AFAF campaign a way to give back

    I just returned from the Air Force Assistance Fund Kickoff Event. It caused me to reflect on my own opportunity and responsibility to give back in ways that alleviate the real suffering going on in the world.The event sponsors shared a statistic that every person goes through a life altering event at least every decade. I hope for you it is a
  • Why do we have Family Care Plans?

    During the first Gulf War, many Air Force members had difficulty balancing family responsibilities. There was a need for preparedness in this area and thus, the Family Care Plan was born. The first Gulf War highlighted military deployment and inadequate family preparation. Leaving families behind with very little notice, many military members found
  • Commander's Forum: Support your commander, even when you disagree

    Most of us have comfort zones we like to stay in. We do things that come easily and migrate to activities we enjoy. We even hang around people that are most like us and agree on how things should be done.However, commanders and leaders don't have that luxury. Effective commanders are immersed with differing opinions every day and surround
  • Smoke Detectors - keeping them working and current can save lives

    Do you have a working smoke detector? Do you know how to test the device? Did you know that most smoke detector manufacturers recommend replacement every 10 years? Based on a telephone survey done in 2008, 96 percent of all homes have at least one smoke alarm. Overall, three-quarters of all U.S. homes have at least one working smoke alarm.The
  • 911 Hang-ups tie up emergency services; Those who dial in error should stay on line

    Whenever people need help with a fire, medical or police emergency, dialing 911 will get them the help they need very quickly under normal circumstances. However, there is an increasing trend at Edwards that could delay the response needed for an emergency situation. That trend is a growing number of 911 hang-ups being received at the Edwards
  • Focus on fire safety: As we age we must adjust emergency planning

    Each year an estimated 2,655 deaths and 13,025 injuries occur as the result of residential building fires.The risk of death or injury from fire is even greater for people who are aging. Hopefully we are all recognizing that as we age, we may need additional help reacting to emergencies.With increased age comes decreased mobility, vision and
  • Preventive maintenance on autos makes them safer, pays dividends in time, money

    Many people neglect to perform preventive maintenance on their vehicles because they have little knowledge, are intimidated, or simply avoid doing such maintenance. Whatever the reasons, there are many benefits to regularly checking and maintaining a vehicle's brakes, tires and other parts.Benefits of performing preventive maintenanceFirst, owners