Edwards Air Force Base Moves To HPCON C

AFMC Command News

  • Portion size critical to losing weight

    The health and wellness of the Air Force Materiel Command work force is one of Gen. Bruce Carlson's top priorities. The AFMC commander's focus is being realized throughout the command. In addition to policy changes, such as civilians working out during official duty time, health and wellness centers

  • Force-Shaping officers can go Reserve

    "One weekend a month, two weeks a year" - everyone has heard this catch phrase repeated on television commercials over the years, but for those facing the Air Force's force shaping initiative, it may soon become a reality. Joining the Reserve is just one of many options open to those lieutenants

  • Detachment provides Development Test and Evaluation for Predator

    With the test pace increasing for the Predator A and B weapons system because of the war on terror, the 452nd Flight Test Squadron's expanding mission was recognized in a ceremony Jan. 12. Detachment 1 actually began operation June 2005 and officially activated on Nov. 9. The ceremony was attended

  • Air Force takes delivery of first production Global Hawks

    The first of two production Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles was delivered to the Air Force Jan. 10 and immediately started flying missions in support of the Global War on Terrorism. The UAVs-which are managed by Aeronautical Systems Center's Global Hawk Systems Group here-are assigned to the

  • 5+1+1 equals U.S. air superiority

    Five plus one plus one equals ... the ability to direct the command and control of U.S. and coalition air power across the globe. It also equals seven of course. That's the number of "Falconer" air and space operations centers, and Falconer support centers, that have now been brought on line with

  • Leaders receive short course at Test Pilot School

    The U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School here held a Senior Executive Short Course from Jan. 9 through 12. The short course is a three-day class introducing senior Department of Defense leaders, both civilian and military, to developmental flight testing. This particular course focused on the unique

  • Father and son blow up ordnance together

    While Chief Master Sgt. Julio Morelos and his son Staff Sgt. Julio Morelos III have enjoyed watching football and playing sports together throughout life, they found a new way to bond while deployed together. The father and son duo worked together on an Explosive Ordnance Disposal demolition

  • AFRL develops biofuel-powered heated vest

    Around the world, military members from Alaska to Afghanistan work in harsh, frigid environments. Temperatures in the Afghani Mountains have been recorded as low as minus 51 degrees Farenheit, while Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, sees up to 69 inches of snowfall each year. Military personnel must

  • Civilian employees make great gains on weight loss goals

    While some people are still pondering the thought of losing a few pounds in the New Year, Chris Lawless and Kelsie Fox are celebrating their new looks. Mr. Lawless and Ms. Fox, electronic engineers with the 402nd Maintenance Wing's Electronic Warfare Division, have collectively lost almost 200

  • Military may contribute more to TSP

    Effective Jan. 1, military members may contribute any whole percentage of their base pay to Thrift Savings Plan. The total of tax-deferred investments cannot exceed $15,000, which is the Internal Revenue Service's annual elective deferral limit for 2006. Those serving in a tax-free combat zone are

  • Primer makes work safer for F-15 painters

    Painters can breathe a little easier thanks to the development of a new material used for stripping and painting F-15 Eagles. The Air Force is continuing its march toward environmentally-friendly mission execution. A partnership with the University of Missouri-Rolla; Air Force Research Lab,

  • Community heroes awarded Airman's Medal

    The split second it took to choose reaction over thought resulted in two of Kirtland Air Force Base's finest receiving the highest peacetime decoration, the Airman's Medal. Senior Airman Jonathan L. Calhoun and Airman 1st Class Erik F. Munana, both from the 898th Munitions Maintenance Squadron here,

  • Flight demonstrations set stage for Weapon Data Network

    The ability to communicate with a weapon after it's released from an aircraft is at the forefront of all new weapons technology. But while this idea is still in its infancy, the need to develop standards for it has become a priority. Such standards were successfully implemented and demonstrated

  • EOD training facility gets realistic

    As evidenced from the war on terrorism, terrorists who have limited resources creatively use improvised explosive devices to wreak havoc on their targets. The Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal has a new $7 million facility, the Advanced Improvised Explosive Device Disposal facility, to teach

  • Newest 'Herc' propelled through Phase 2 testing

    C-130J test teams from Edwards concluded Phase 2 Operational Test and Evaluation testing on Dec. 21 after more than 300 hours of OT&E flight test activities. It culminates nearly five years of developmental and operational testing. The C-130J is the latest addition to the C-130 fleet. It provides 40