Edwards Air Force Base Moves To HPCON C

AFMC Command News

  • Collaboration improves solar storm forecasting

    A recently established partnership between the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Weather Agency seeks to reduce the impact of space environmental effects on Department of Defense operational assets through enhanced forecasting of violent solar storms. Modern military operations have

  • AEDC adapts propulsion technology for wind tunnel tests

    A recent series of successful F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aerodynamic tests in Arnold Engineering Development Center's 16-foot transonic wind tunnel (16T) demonstrated the center's ability to adapt propulsion test technologies for use in wind tunnel tests. "We developed and implemented

  • F118 engine continues altitude performance testing at AEDC

    Arnold Engineering Development Center is currently testing the F118-100 General Electric engine, power plant for the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, in the center's Engine Test Facility J-1 Test Cell. This particular test is part of GE's Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), which is under the Air

  • Command's leadership to track AFSO21 processes

    Center and wing commanders from across Air Force Materiel Command were put on notice March 21 that their process improvement initiatives, efforts and results will be tracked by senior leaders at Headquarters AFMC. That charge came from Gen. Bruce Carlson, AFMC commander, during a video

  • AFMC changes policy on civilian physical fitness and wellness

    A change to an existing health initiative now enables Air Force full- and part-time civilian employees within Air Force Materiel Command voluntary participation in both physical fitness and wellness programs. AFMC, along with the American Federation of Government Employees Council 214, initially

  • Small diameter bomb timeline remains on schedule

    There’s an old saying that goes, “good things come in small packages.” That saying rings true for the warfighter when looking at the capabilities of the Small Diameter Bomb, the Air Force's newest precision guided munition. At just 5.9 feet long and 285 pounds, SDB's small size increases the number

  • Nuclear Weapons Center set to open at Kirtland AFB

    Kirtland will become the home of Air Force Materiel Command's newest organization, the Nuclear Weapons Center, on March 31. "The base has been at the heart of nuclear activities for over 60 years, so it is no surprise that the NWC would find a home here," said Col. Greg Foraker, director of the

  • Airmen act quickly to help security forces nab suspect

    When a Newton, Ga. man's run from police came to a crash near Robins March 9, he sought refuge on base - but what he found was something altogether different. What 34-year-old Mark Anthony Hudson found were charges of speeding, felonious attempt to elude police officers, reckless driving, and DUI

  • Females find success in careers traditionally held by men

    By night, Staff Sgt. Connie Rothlisberger likes to try her hand at a new recipe. But by day, she can be found rummaging through her toolbox. Sergeant Rothlisberger, a 653rd Combat Logistics Support Squadron C-130 crew chief, is like a wave of women passing up jobs typically seen as "women's work"

  • AFMC requires hands-free devices for drivers using cell phones

    Beginning in April, drivers on Air Force Materiel Command bases will be cited by security forces personnel for talking on cell phones without hands-free devices. Repeated violations could result in suspended or revoked driving privileges. Cell phone use while driving is categorized as a moving

  • AFMC base part of Spiral 1.1, initial conversion to civilian personnel system

    On April 30 the Department of Defense will roll out the performance-management, pay, staffing, and work force-shaping provisions of the National Security Personnel System to 11,000 civilian employees across DoD. Air Force Materiel Command will have about 2,500 non-bargaining unit General Schedule

  • Electronic Systems Center team pushing ‘smart’ process, culture change

    An Electronic Systems Center team is working to save time, money and tons of material, all while increasing security when America’s most sensitive information is distributed.The Cryptologic Systems Group, located at Lackland AFB, Texas, is working hard to institute an electronic “key” process that

  • Guidance kit converts bombs into 'smart' weapons of choice

    To call yourself the warfighter's weapon of choice is one thing, but it's quite another to go out and back it up. But there is no doubting that statement when looking at the facts of the Joint Direct Attack Munition. Since its combat debut the weapon has been called upon more than 15,000 times and

  • Satellite to furnish warfighter with real-time information

    In the battle environment, every second counts, and accelerated (within 10 minutes) information downloaded to the joint warfighter, to be demonstrated in the upcoming TacSat-3 mission, could result in victory, but more importantly, in lives saved. Planned to launch in late summer 2007, the TacSat-3

  • NCO rescues his military working dog from burning building

    It was a clear, cool night at Forward Operating Base Wilson near the city of Tikrit in central Iraq. Staff Sgt. Christopher F. McCleskey gave his canine partner, Katja, food and water and left her in their quarters after a mission. He ducked into a dining hall shortly before 9 p.m. Jan. 28 for a