Edwards Air Force Base Moves To HPCON C
  • Newest 'Raptor pilot' sets record at young age

    Team Edwards and the 411th Flight Test Squadron welcomed its "newest pilot" and his family to Edwards on Tuesday.Reilly Koyl, also known as "Raptor 00," may need a set of telephone books on the seat of the F-22A Raptor to see over the canopy rail, but that did not deter the intrepid aviator from

  • Atlas V solid rocket booster modifications validated

    As radios crackled with the countdown "five, four, three, two, one ... ignition," members of the Air Force Research Lab at Edwards witnessed the third validation-static firing of Aerojet's Block B Solid Rocket Booster.This 90-second static firing occurred Jan. 27 at the Lab's Edwards Research Site,

  • Team Edwards' school board representation unchanged

    After a week of deliberation, the Kern County Committee for School Organization voted unanimously, Feb. 1, to deny a request from the Muroc Joint Unified School District to reorganize the seats on the board of trustees.The request was to change the representation from two Edwards seats, two Boron

  • Colonel's focus: teamwork, Edwards' role in AF mission

    He's back, and this time he's in charge.Col. Arnie Bunch stepped in as commander of the 412th Test Wing on Feb. 2, but Colonel Bunch is no stranger to Edwards, having spent nearly one-third of his Air Force career here. "Of my 21-and-a-half years, I spent seven of them at Edwards," Colonel Bunch

  • Base trains for shuttle recovery

    More than 300 people teamed up in a joint exercise with NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Saturday.For the several hundred members of the Edwards Space Shuttle Recovery team, this is a duty in addition to their normal responsibilities. The exercise was designed to test the Edwards Space Shuttle

  • JSF decontamination testing draws to close

    The Joint Strike Fighter Integrated Test Force will pull an F-16 out of a special hangar Saturday, marking the culmination of a series of unique tests here.The F-16 was used as a surrogate for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to test Department of Defense chemical and biological decontamination methods

  • Team shares history of Speckled Trout's AF service

    Nearly a year ago, Speckled Trout tail number 61-2669 crews were preparing to return to Andrews Air Force Base, Md., from Southwest Asia when they received a phone call from the command post. A deployed Airman, was urgently trying to get home to see his dying daughter.Crews immediately phoned in the

  • 412th Test Wing commander bids farewell to Team Edwards

    Col. Joe Lanni passed the 412th Test Wing flag of leadership to Col. Arnold Bunch during a change of command ceremony Thursday in hangar 1600.Colonel Lanni led the Test Wing since May 28, 2004, and previously served as the F/A-22 Combined Test Force director here from December 2002 to May 2004. The

  • 'Trout' released from flying duty after 31 years of service

    After flying distinguished visitors and undergoing rigorous testing for more than 31 years as a part of the 412th Flight Test Squadron, the Speckled Trout tail number 61-2669, will officially retire Feb. 10 in a ceremony at hangar 1600 here.The Speckled Trout has supported a two-fold mission during

  • Crews write book on CV-22 training

    By combining the capabilities of two distinctly different platforms, the Air Force, working hand-in-hand with the Navy and Marine Corps, is moving one step closer to providing warfighters advanced and reliable tools to accomplish their mission.Although the CV-22 Osprey is still undergoing

  • 95th Air Base Wing focuses on safety

    The 95th Air Base Wing conducted a half-day safety program Wednesday.The highlight of the event was simulating the effect of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs by having individuals wear DUI goggles and drive a golf cart. "We just want to pause for a moment to focus everyone on

  • Air Force Flight Test Center welcomes new executive director

    Who is David C. "Dave" Bond? The new executive director of the Flight Test Center some would say. But Mr. Bond is more than that.Sporting a warm grin and sparkling eyes, Mr. Bond is the son of a mail carrier who grew up in the small town of McMinnville, Tenn. His dad, also a veteran of World War II

  • Free tax filing help available

    The Edwards Tax Center is ready to run at full steam as it plans to opens its doors Monday to assist with yearly income-tax returns.Income tax assistance is available to all active-duty military members, retired military personnel, guard members, reservists, and family members, said Capt. Rachel

  • F-22 Combined Test Force gets AF Collier Trophy nomination

    The Air Force Chief of Staff nominated the F-22 Combined Test Force here for the National Aeronautic Association's 2005 Robert J. Collier Trophy.The trophy is awarded annually for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance,

  • School district wants trustee board changes, cuts to Edwards representation

    A public hearing on the reorganization of the Muroc Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees is scheduled for Jan. 25, 7 p.m., in the Base Theater.The school district requested the reorganization, citing problems with continuity on the board and difficulties filling the Edwards positions for

  • Leaders receive short course at Test Pilot School

    The U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School here held a Senior Executive Short Course from Jan. 9 through 12.The short course is a three-day class introducing senior Department of Defense leaders, both civilian and military, to developmental flight testing. This particular course focused on the unique

  • Two Edwards civilians win AFMC contracting award

    Air Force Materiel Command officials named two civilians here as winners of the 2005 AFMC Contracting Awards. Melissa Petter received the non-supervisory category of the Secretary of the Air Force Professionalism in Contracting Award, and Deanna Wright won the science and technology category for