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Welcome Students and Educators

Hello and welcome to the 2022 Aerospace Valley School Flyover Event. We are excited to have you with us as we take a look at the world of Flight Test. As you watch the parade of aircraft flying over your school, please take a moment to reflect on the lessons provided in the videos below to help understand what it takes to accomplish our mission of Flight Testing the next generation of high-performance aircraft. We have also partnered with NASA to provide students and educators with the Quesst Supersonic STEM Toolkit to provide a hands-on learning experience.

Click HERE to download the STEM Toolkit.

360 video of STEM flyover aircraft

Find your School Below

Flyover Location List

Click here to view flyover location list, subject to change.

What is Flight Test Engineering - Elementary School Level

Collision Avoidance Testing - Elementary School Level

Flight Test Engineering and Saving Lives - Middle School Level

Supersonic flight and preventing Midair Mishaps - Middle School level

Who are we? Meet some of the people who call the Aerospace Valley home.

We are the 412th Test Wing and our mission is Test. Meet just a few of some of the men and women of Edwards Air Force Base and learn about how they use STEM every day in their careers and how they ended up here in the Aerospace Valley.

Meet Caroline White

Carlos Pinedo's Message 

Meet Bryce Turner

Meet Jessica Tompkins

Meet Luis Garces

Meet Michael Corson

Meet Kristopher Rorberg

Meet Brent Maggard

Meet Rachel Williams

Meet Christian Turner

Meet Jessica Peterson

Meet Erica Perry

Meet Christopher Campbell

Meet Ahave Brown

Meet Carlos Pinedo (Espanol)

Meet Andrew Novak

Lindsay Moon

Lauren Kram

Allan Jesperson

Matthew McCormack