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COVID-19 Updates






HPCON Changes / Updates

ICD 032 Rev 1 – HPCON A.  Consolidated DoD Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection Guidance, Rev 4


  1. Consolidated DoD Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection Guidance, Rev 4, 30 Jan 2023

This Installation Command Directive (ICD) will apply to all Edwards AFB and AF Plant 42 personnel, effective immediately. The guidance in this ICD implements HPCON A, IAW Consolidated DoD Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection Guidance, Rev 4, Ref (a), and rescinds all prior COVID ICDs - 013, 020, 022rev3, 024rev1, 030. 

The following measures are effective immediately:

1.          (U) HPCON: IAW Ref (a)  Edwards AFB and AF Plant 42 are in HPCON Alpha.

2.         (U) SERVICES:  FSS available services and current operating hours are available at  

3.         (U) STOP REPORTING IN THE 412TW COVID-19 ISOLATION/QUARANTINE TRACKER: Commanders/Directors are no longer required to report COVID-19 status via the 412 TW tracking tool (

Members are reminded of the existing policies:

4.         (U) MASK ON PERSON:  All personnel will continue to carry a mask on their person, even where mask wear is not mandatory. Individuals should be mindful of the effectiveness of each type of mask.

5.         (U) DIGNITY AND RESPECT: All persons retain the option to wear a mask even when it is not mandatory. Personnel who choose to continue to wear a mask must be treated with dignity and respect. Many Team T-Cot-A-TU members are at high risk for severe illness, or have high risk family members at home. Therefore, if you approach someone who chooses to wear a mask, please consider wearing your mask as a courtesy to them.

6.         (U) ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS: Commanders, Directors, and Facility Owners, at their discretion, may impose additional restrictions to reduce risk to mission.

7.         (U) EXPOSURE PROTOCOLS are IAW Ref (a). The most up to date exposure protocols for Edwards AFB and Plant 42 can be found at .

8.         (U) COVID REPORTING: Members are required to report the following to Public Health (661-277-2244) for further direction and reporting

a.         COVID-19 Positive (or suspect they are COVID-19 positive)

b.         Hospitalization due to COVID-19 (and return from hospital)

Please direct any ICD 032 Rev1 questions to the 412 TW/CAT Admin Box


013                  DFAC Meal Card Holder Process During Isolation or Quarantine

020                  (PAUSED)      Acknowledgement of Vaccination Mandate for DoD Civilian Employees              

022 Rev 3        (PAUSED)      COVID-19 Screening Testing                                                                                   

024 Rev 1        COVID-19 Isolation & Quarantine Procedures

030                  Pause of Certain Measures Based on An Individual’s COVID-19 Vaccination Status

(U) ICDs currently in effect:

032 Rev 1       HPCON A - Consolidated DoD Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection Guidance, Rev 4

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Testing

Edwards AFB COVID-19 Testing Center

Find: Results obtained via MHS Genesis Patient Portal

 Community sites and local pharmacies also offer tests.


Positive home antigen tests do not need to be confirmed with a PCR test. 


Please report all Positive Test Results to Edwards AFB Public Health (661-277-2244) during regular duty hours.