Edwards AFB
  • HAZMAT program streamlines, improves operations

    The 412th Civil Engineer Group Environmental Management Branch (CEV) Hazardous Materials Improvement Team is working to improve management processes to provide better and quicker support to Edwards Air Force Base, California.
  • Edwards Airmen walk through darkness to fight suicide

    Airmen, veterans, family and friends participated in the Fight for Life Suicide Prevention and Awareness Event at Edwards Air Force Base, California, Sept. 28-29. The event was a 12-hour walk, run, or ruck march relay event.
  • This week in Edwards history

    On July 4, 1982, Space Shuttle Columbia landed in view of President Ronald Reagan, First Lady Nancy Reagan and some 500,000 visitors and guests. The shuttle’s fourth orbital flight was its first landing on a concrete runway and marked the end of its formal flight test program. Later that very same day, the nation’s second space shuttle, Challenger,
  • Going solar: 368 homes to get solar panels as part of the Air Force’s broader energy resilience strategy

    This month, solar panel installation begins for 368 houses on Edwards. The 412th Civil Engineer Group’s Energy Management Team is supporting Corvias with their process of bringing renewable energy (solar power) to the Edwards AFB community. The effort will stabilize energy costs, which will increase funds available for future improvements in
  • Dream Chaser undergoes captive carry test at Edwards

    Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser underwent a captive carry test at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center today at Edwards Air Force Base. The test was part of the spacecraft’s Phase Two flight test efforts to advance the orbiter closer to space flight, according to an SNC press release. A Columbia Helicopters Model 234-UT Chinook
  • This week in Edwards flight test history

    On Aug. 26, 1975 the McDonnell Douglas YC-15 flew from Long Beach, California, to Edwards on its first flight. The high-wing, four-engine aircraft utilized an innovative externally blown flap, propulsive-lift concept. It was the McDonnell Douglas entry into the Air Force’s Advanced Medium STOL Transport program to develop an aircraft capable of

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