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The Career You Build, Could be Your Own, Just Ask

  • Published
  • By John Haire
  • 412th Test Wing Public Affairs
An Airman has a lot to decide when it comes time to re-enlist. There is always a wealth of advice from peers; the supervisor surely has some wisdom and guidance, as does your family. Maybe you have a cool job, but wish it could be cooler. Or maybe you just don't know what to do. Well, Master Sgt. Erik Robbins, the Edwards Air Force Base Career Assistance Advisor, can help turn that maybe in to a reality of success.

Sergeant Robbins takes a lot of pride and joy in his job. He'll eagerly tell you that he "helps Airmen make decisions about their career." Robbins will give examples like reenlisting, cross training into a new career field, or leaving the service entirely, to find the fit that is just right for you.

Sergeant Robbins can also make sure you know the score with certain regulations, so you don't turn down a permanent change of station or a promotion only to find out that you are now barred from reenlistment.

"My job is to help Airmen make the right decisions and help them avoid the bad ones," said Robbins.

As the base career assistance advisor, he is a no pressure counselor who simply helps those that let him focus their future, make informed decisions and decisions that are right for them and the bigger Air Force.

Robbins should be no stranger to Airmen here. He runs the FTAC, First Term Airman Center, and helps new Airmen learn what is unique about Edwards.

"I help Airmen make decisions about their career, retention, cross training, or changing jobs," said Robbins. "I am not a recruiter, but help guide first- and second-term Airmen."
Robbins said he also advises them on regulatory requirements, so they don't make a career error.

In addition to this, Robbins runs NCO and Senior NCO enhancement seminars. Most first term and career airmen will normally meet Robbins roughly 13 months before they separate for a three-hour class.

"Here they will learn about the benefits they have earned, the benefits of a career in the Air Force or how their career can be continued in the National Guard or Reserve," added Robbins. "Most Airmen, particularly first termers, are not fully aware of what they have earned or what benefits they are eligible for. I try to offer examples, such as possibly being able to get transferred early to a base of your choice, career bonuses or how easy it might be to change career field as a first term Airman. "

Robbins is located in Building 2460, Room B, right next to the FTAC classroom and just behind the Education Center. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (661) 277-1984.