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  • To honor with dignity: A different kind of Guard duty

    The 34 sharpest Airmen from Edwards, March Air Reserve Base and Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif. are responsible for rendering Honor Guard services for the surrounding 82,000 square miles. No matter the circumstance when the Honor Guard is called on they must perform, giving a professional

  • Military moms balance family, service

    Each year, the second Sunday of May is reserved for showering moms with gifts, flowers, chocolates and taking her out to a dinner to make her feel appreciated. For the Brennan household, this year's Mother's Day celebration is going to be postponed to the weekend after. That special person, for whom

  • Training, deployment strengthen dog-handler team

    The sound of rustling leaves weaved through the voice of a master giving commands to his dog. Though the voice was nearly overcome by the sound, the dog's ears were still attuned to his master's every word. "Sit," said Senior Airman Jacob Allen, 95th Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dog

  • Public Health releases measures to avoid flu, colds

    The base Public Health is urging Team Edwards to practice basic measures to help prevent the spread of influenza and reduce the risk of common colds. The following are the preventative measures against flu and common colds:-- Hand washing. Wash hands with soap and warm water for 15 to 20 seconds. If

  • Fit to fight vs. fit to test, which one are you?

    Meet "fit to test," fit to fight's evil twin. "'Fit to test' is basically a mindset that a lot of military members have fallen into, whether directly or indirectly," said Pete Smith, Rosburg Fitness Center director. "Instead of making fitness a permanent lifestyle, they just need to know when they

  • Airfield simulator offers air traffic controllers smooth transition

    In the past, air traffic controllers moved toy airplanes on boards intended to look like a base's airfield in preparation for real world air traffic control functions. Now each Airman operates real life scenarios at real time through the Tower Simulation System. The simulator offers features that

  • Edwards pushes '2009 Year of the CCAF Degree'

    An apple sitting on a stool crushed his hopes. What seemed to be an object smaller than a man's fist eventually became larger than life, like the fictional giant gorilla "King Kong," scaring a 25-year-old senior airman away. It was English 101. Then Senior Airman Anthony Accurso's first assignment

  • Legal bares new laws, updates for 2009

    California has passed new legislation that will hopefully make roads safer. Some of these newly enacted pieces of legislation include texting while driving, fines regarding highway workers, Global Positioning System mounts, alcohol reckless driving and motorcycle definition. Texting while

  • Housing foreclosures on rental properties affects servicemembers

    It is difficult to turn on the television or to pick up a newspaper without hearing about the housing market crisis. Foreclosures in the United States are at an all-time high and California is one of the worst hit states in this growing predicament. The foreclosure crisis is directly affecting

  • How does pregnancy affect oral health?

    It's a myth that calcium is lost from a mother's teeth and "one tooth is lost with every pregnancy." But you may experience some changes in your oral health during pregnancy. The primary changes are due to a surge in hormones - particularly an increase in estrogen and progesterone -- can exaggerate