As the School Year Starts, Drive Smart!

  • Published
  • By Adam Bowles
  • 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

As on-base schools reopen Thursday, the 412th Mission Support Group is joining forces with base officials to emphasize the importance of safe driving and strict adherence to traffic laws on Edwards AFB. With an influx of students, parents and school staff commuting to and from the schools, the roads surrounding the area are expected to experience increased traffic congestion and heightened activity. As such, base officials and 412th Security Forces are united in their commitment to reducing potential risks and promoting responsible driving.

“During school hours, even 1 mph over the speed limit can result in a suspension of driving privileges,” Capt. Andrew Metz, Director of Operations, 412th SFS said.  “Last year, Security Forces issued numerous citations and suspensions, responded to several reports of reckless driving in the school zone and even responded to a child being struck by a vehicle. Please be safe, attentive and drive like it is your own children!”

The 412th Civil Engineer Group also wants to make the Edwards AFB community aware of new traffic changes in the school zone to increase the safety and welfare of children, staff and parents commuting to and from the schools.

  • School Zone speed limit is now 25 mph
  • No left turn while traveling westbound on Bailey into the new Bailey Elementary drop-off point
  • New 4-way stop at Payne Ave. and Spaatz Ave.

On-base motorists should also be reminded of California pedestrian laws of encountering a cross walk. This requires motorists to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing the road within any marked or unmarked crosswalk until the crosswalk is clear.

As schools welcome students back for another academic year, Edwards AFB leadership is committed to fostering a safer driving environment.

“The 412th SFS appreciates everyone following the rules, especially within our school zone,” Capt. Alexander Johnson, 412th SFS said. “By working together and adhering to traffic laws, everyone can contribute to a successful and accident-free school reopening season.”

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