Military Retirees continue to enjoy access to Edwards AFB installation and full range of services amid DOD Civilian Retiree ID Changes

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  • By 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

Access for military retirees to Edwards AFB and associated services remains uninterrupted, despite the Department of Defense's recently announced plan to discontinue issuing civilian retiree ID cards and transition to a digital identification.

"Military retirees can still expect continued access to the installation as well as access to the base pharmacy, commissary and base exchange," Gary Niswonger, Retiree Activties Office director said. "In addition, they will retain their privileges at the 412th Force Support Squadron recreational facilities, such as the bowling alley, golf course and tickets and travel office."

The RAO in Building 3000 is a liaison between active-duty units at Edwards and retiree communities of all branches of the armed forces.

"We are an essential resource for retirees helping with information concerning DEERS, DFAS Office, Tri-Care for life, Veteran Affairs, as well as assistance with financial forms, survivor documents and other benefits important to retirees. These services will remain available and unchanged to our military retirees,” said Niswonger.

The transition from physical to digital ID cards for civilian retirees is set to start immediately, with full implementation across the DOD planned by June 2025. While the specific policy for Edwards is still to be determined, civilian retirees are encouraged to keep an eye on the Edwards website for updates as details on the official policy and procedures for installation access under the new system are expected soon.

As the DOD embraces this digital evolution, Edwards remains committed to ensuring a seamless transition for civilian retirees while maintaining the usual level of access and services for military retirees.

For more information, contact the RAO at 661-277-4931 or 0237.

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