Give blood. Help save lives.

  • Published
  • By Katherine Franco
  • 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

Medical staff from The American Red Cross will host a blood drive at Edwards Air Force Base, California, slated for March 1 and 2. The blood drive is seeking 18 more donors for Tuesday and 42 more for Wednesday, in order to reach their goals. 

These donations will go to hospitals in the next few days for patients undergoing open-heart surgery, organ transplant, childbirth, trauma and severe anemia. One childbirth patient required 21 units of blood, plasma and platelets. She and baby are fine thanks to 21 donors, according to Bob Woodall, American Red Cross Account Manager II.

Woodall, said last years’ blood drives yielded 760 units of blood which saved or sustained up to 2,280 lives at Antelope Valley Community Hospital and Palmdale Regional Hospital.
Candi Jefferson, American Red Cross Registered Nurse Lead, said because of low blood supplies, her organization has to gather a certain amount of units of blood per day, and hosting the blood drive at Edwards AFB helps to maintain their supply.

“A lot of people are getting sick, schools are not accepting blood drives due to COVID-19, so we’re hoping to get 100 units or better,” Jefferson said. Last month’s blood drive saw a number of milestone donations, Woodall said. “Keith Middleton with 47 units, Adam Kuester with 41, Richard Valle with 51, Barb Wheaton with 95 units given, Barbara Sobaski with 132 units and Don Burks with 137 units,” Woodall said. “We make a big deal over those donors but also new donors.”

The previous drive saw 10 new donors, Woodall added.

American Red Cross blood drives are scheduled for the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.