How to submit your innovative ideas

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  • By Innovation Team
  • 412th Test Wing

So you’ve got an innovative idea, now what?


There are a few avenues available for you to take action on your idea. One of the easiest ways is to submit your idea to a temporary SharePoint site that the 412th Test Wing Innovation Team set up specifically for this purpose.


Since hyperlinks are hit or miss depending on the current Air Force policy, simply copy and paste the following address into your browser:


You may have heard Brig. Gen. Carl Schaefer mention that we will be launching an online crowdsourcing tool with a planned launch date during the fourth quarter of this calendar year. When that tool is up and running, we will transition all of the data from this temporary SharePoint site over to the new tool, so stay tuned and be flexible for the change that’s coming. One thing is certain, if you submit an idea to this site, a real human will contact you.


That brings us to the next most convenient way to get in touch with the innovation team. More than anything, we prefer building relationships face-to-face, so we are providing two weekly opportunities for you to come and share your innovative ideas with us. The first is through our Foundry Team. The purpose of this team is to help you work through your concept to develop some maturity in the idea and then connect you to the resources and experts that you may need in order to take your idea to the next level. This team meets weekly from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. in the Innovation Center located in Bldg. 2412, the Joshua Tree Dining Facility, on the lower level in Room 103. For more information contact Foundry Team lead T.J. Wuth at, or 661-275-8217.


The other weekly opportunity to connect with the innovation team is through our Friday Innovation Meet-Up held from 9 - 11 a.m. in the Innovation Center. The innovation meet-up is open to anyone. It is laid back with only one thing on the agenda, to collaborate with you on your ideas. The rooms are set up with whiteboards, projectors, easels with large paper pads...whatever you might need to brainstorm, communicate and collaborate.