'Motorcycles are everywhere'

  • Published
  • By Al Lederman
  • 412th Test Wing Ground Safety
Have you noticed more motorcyclists on the road lately? Have you looked for motorcyclists while driving? After a multi-vehicle accident with a motorcyclist, what are the first words said to the police officer on-scene?

"I didn't see him."

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were 4,381 motorcycle fatalities in 2013. Of that, over 2,500 were multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists. While the military has a much smaller number, one fatality affects more than just the one loss. It affects the family too.

How about the driver that struck the motorcyclist?  How is that person affected?

With the spring season underway, May is considered Motorcycle Awareness Month. The idea is to remind vehicle drivers that the motorcycle riding season is upon us and to "look twice, motorcycles are everywhere." 

But why wait? Here in sunny Southern California, our riding season is almost year-round. As summer approaches, more motorcyclists will be on the roads. When making that left turn at an intersection or when you are about to change lanes, take a second look. The person under the helmet may be someone you know.