Bird's Eye View: Staff sergeant list released Wednesday

  • Published
  • By Col. Arnold W. Bunch Jr.
  • 412th Test Wing commander
Wednesday was a great day for 70 of Team Edwards' senior airmen as they were selected for promotion to staff sergeant. 

These men and women will soon join the NCO ranks and take on new responsibilities and challenges. I believe they are stepping into the United States Air Force's most challenging leadership role, preparing the next generation of Airmen to serve as NCOs. 

To our new staff sergeant selects, you are the example for the Airmen that work with and around you. You set the example for "how to behave and lead". Your leadership is crucial to the AF's future success. 

I'm proud of each of those promoted. I wish you the best and continued success as you step into the NCO ranks. 

Please join me in congratulating them! 

Muroc School Board seat available 

The Muroc Joint Unified School District has an open seat on its school board designated for Edwards Air Force Base. 

Some of you may recall the town hall meeting held here in 2006, where we assured the school district we could supply them with trustees for our school board seats. At that time, we were in danger of losing half of our school board representation. Edwards would have lost a permanent seat on the school board. Thankfully, as a result of a Team Edwards groundswell of public effort, we were able to keep both positions. 

Now we must follow through with our commitment to keep those seats filled. 

Serving as a trustee on the school board is an opportunity to make decisions that affect the lives and the futures of the children attending our schools. More than 70 percent of the entire school district's students attend an on-base school, so it's important that we have a say in the school district's strategic and short-term plans for these schools. 

Each applicant for the Edwards seat must be a California resident living on base and registered to vote here. Active-duty enlisted Airmen are eligible to apply, however officers are prohibited by Air Force Instruction from applying for this position. 

If we want our voices heard and if we want to continue making a difference in the education of our children, we must fill this position.

Students head back to school 

Since I'm on the topic of our children's education, it's important to point out the first day of school is Monday. 

Bailey and Branch elementary schools, Edwards Middle School and Desert High School are filling up with students as the school year begins. This means more kids on the street and I need your help. 

Slow down, look for kids crossing streets and obey all traffic signs. 

Be cautious when approaching school zones and always stop for school buses when they have their red lights on. Most traffic mishaps occur close to home. 

Minimize driving through the on-base school zones during the mornings and afternoons when students are traveling to and from school as much as possible. 

Watch out for children riding their bikes or walking to school, as they are not always aware of traffic. 

As a parent, plan and practice your child's route of travel and speak with your children about what could go wrong and how to prevent accidents. 

Remember, make a plan and prepare, buckle up and always talk safety to your children. 

These young men and women are our future, so let's protect them and ensure we all have a great school year. 

Thanks to each of you for what you do each and every day to make Team Edwards a success.