Think jogger safety during daylight, nighttime, inclement weather

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Michael Cantos
  • Air Force Flight Test Center Ground Safety
Whenever you are jogging or walking on the road, whether nighttime or daylight, you should always make yourself visible to vehicle operators. 

Individuals exercising near traffic should wear clothing that is highly visible during the daytime and highly reflective during hours of limited visibility. The Air Force Flight Test Center Ground Safety office has been receiving reports regarding runners wearing all-black clothing during hours of darkness without any reflective material. 

In addition, individuals are running in vehicle lanes, which forces motorists to go around them. 

Another problem is runners and bicycle riders wearing headphones while on roadways and bicyclists not wearing helmets. 

Each of these problems occur every day on Edwards. 

Everyone who enters a Department of Defense installation has the obligation to follow the traffic laws. Whether jogging, walking, bicycling, skating or skateboarding, you must obey the rules that apply to you. 

When entering roadways, you are required to follow these instructions: 
  • When jogging or running on roadways at night or in inclement weather such as fog, rain, sleet or snow, you must wear retro-reflective clothing or devices visible from the front and back. 
  • Wearing portable headphones, earphones or other listening devices while operating a motor vehicle, running, jogging, walking, bicycling or skating on roadways is prohibited.
These easy-to-follow instructions are for your personal safety. Always remain visible, and always ensure you can hear what is going on in your traffic environment.