General plan sets course for CE projects

  • Published
  • By Michelle Huck
  • 95th Civil Engineering and Transportation Directorate
When the 95th Civil Engineer and Transportation Directorate looks for its future construction efforts, they follow a plan to guide them -- the general plan. 

The general plan provides the 95th Air Base Wing commander and other decision-makers a picture of Edwards' present and future capability to support its mission with its physical assets and delivery systems. 

It serves as a guide for site-specific future development. It also provides general background information in land-use growth patterns and a way to balance investments on the installations' infrastructure. The plan's illustrative format provides decision-makers with an understanding of the character and structure of Edwards. 

The general plan incorporates Air Force programs, such as operational, environmental, urban planning and others to identify and assess development alternatives. This ensures compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies. 

It is the ongoing process addressing the full range of issues affecting or affected by an installation's development. 

The general plan consists of four main sections. 

Section 1 consists of plans findings and recommendations. It highlights the recently developed plan, which guides the base into a well-planned, sustainable future. 

Section 2 is the base and vicinity profile, which provides the characteristics of the installation and its regional setting. The mission of the host unit and major associate units are described. These missions are the standard for evaluating existing conditions, confirming current plans and implementing new plans. 

Section 3 is the component plan. It summarizes the analyses, major findings and recommendations of the component plans. The component plans include constraints and opportunities such as natural, cultural and man-made resources, environmental quality, noise, safety and energy; infrastructure such as utility systems, communications and pavements; land use such as installation layout or vicinity, transportation, architectural compatibility and landscape development; and capital improvements including facility plans and programs. 

Section 4 is the general plan maintenance and revision that addresses the importance of keeping the plan current and vital. 

The general plan talks about all future and proposed construction and demolition the base has planned for the next five years. This plan always allows for new information to be added and is updated annually at a minimum.

In the next five years, base civil engineers plan to continue renovating the Desert Mall area on Kincheloe Avenue, complete the housing construction project and privatization, and finish the runway reconstruction project. Additionally, CE plans to make facility and infrastructure improvements across the base as needed.