SCE to install energy-efficient bulbs in base housing

  • Published
  • By Jeanette White
  • 95th Civil Engineer and Transportation Directorate
Edwards is partnering with Southern California Edison and Pinnacle Housing for a unique energy savings opportunity. 

Under the Direct Install Program, SCE will update all interior and exterior permanent lighting fixtures in Mesquite Meadows, Joshua Acres, Juniper Ridge and Mountain View. 

However, Pacific Winds and Palo Verde Heights will not be part of the program since they are scheduled for demolition. 

In order to take advantage of this program, we are counting on all residents to cooperate with Pinnacle Housing to facilitate the bulb installation. 

The project is scheduled to begin Nov. 19 in the Mesquite Meadows area followed by Joshua Acres on Nov. 26, Juniper Ridge on Dec. 3 and Mountain View on Dec. 10. Clean up and rescheduled appointments will be done Jan. 2 to 11. 

Representatives from Pinnacle Housing will sweep through the affected housing areas and exchange all bulbs and some fixtures when necessary to accommodate the compact fluorescent light bulbs. This will normally take less than 30 minutes per home. 

This lighting upgrade will involve the removal of all incandescent and halogen lamps and replacement with new CFL bulbs at no cost to the installation or the residents. 

The existing bulbs will be replaced with CFL bulbs of the same lighting output, and in many cases the new bulbs will look the same as the old ones. 

If the residents are not at home, a call tag will be left on the door and representatives will return at a convenient time. 

In compliance with terms of the contract, Pinnacle Housing must perform the bulb changing; residents will not be provided with bulbs to install themselves. 

Compact fluorescent lamps are a great example of a small effort that can yield big energy savings. For example, a 15-watt compact fluorescent is meant to replace a 60-watt incandescent bulb, normally yielding an instant energy reduction of 75 percent with increased light output. 

Southern California Edison, directed by the California Public Utilities Commission, is mandated to reduce customer energy use in its service territory through utility-based programs such as the Direct Install Program. Initial estimates have placed the project's energy savings at nearly 2 million kilowatt-hour annually, which will directly reduce Edwards' electrical utility cost.

For more information, call the Housing Office at 277-4506.