New policy extends uniform wear on commercial travel

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alfredo Sanchez
  • Air Force Flight Test Center Staff Judge Advocate
With the recent approved expansion of the existing wear policy, Airmen are now allowed to wear the Airman Battle Uniform, Battle Dress Uniform or Desert Camouflage Uniform while traveling in an official capacity on commercial travel within the continental United States.

Airmen are still authorized and encouraged to wear blues or civilian clothes while on commercial travel. The new policy does not extend to other utility uniforms such as the flight suit. Base commanders have the authority to be more restrictive when conditions warrant.

Also while traveling in uniform, Airmen are reminded that professional appearance and discipline while in uniform are paramount to public opinion and confidence in the Air Force.

The following are rules to keep in mind when traveling in uniform:

  • Air Force personnel may not upgrade their travel or accept complimentary reseating to business or first class while wearing their military uniform to avoid the public perception of misuse of government travel resources.
  • Maintain military bearing, customs and courtesies, and dress and appearance standards at all times.
  • Do not wear hats indoors or remove utility uniform blouse while in public.
  • Do not enter establishments that operate primarily to serve alcohol.
  • If you consume alcohol, do so only in moderation.
  • Walking and talking while using cellular devices is prohibited, unless required in the performance of official duties using a government-issued device. Wearing or using other hands-free communication devices is also prohibited.
  • Headphones may only be worn while sitting and may not detract from your professional appearance.
  • Standing or walking with hands in pockets is prohibited. Walking while eating or drinking is also prohibited.
For more information about policies or travel regulations, call the legal office at 277-4310.