Safety office: Watch out for back-to-school children

  • Published
  • By Christina Whaley
  • Air Force Flight Test Center Ground Safety
It is that time of year again when all children return for another school year. Even though Edwards is a small community, we still have to remain vigilant and be on the look-out for kids traveling to and from school. 

With the new base housing along FitzGerald Boulevard, a high volume of children will be crossing the street on their way to and from school. Now more than ever is the time for motorists to slow down and obey all traffic laws. 

Motorists need to be alert for children where they are not often seen in the past years. People also need to watch for children walking in the streets with no sidewalks or crosswalks, as well as when backing out of the driveway or leaving the garage. 

Parents should map out a route to school with their children, choosing the most direct route and fewest street crossings. If possible, choose roads with intersections with crossing guards. Walk the route with your child beforehand, ensuring they are comfortable with the crossings. 

Children should not expect cars to look out for them. They need to take responsibility and protect themselves. Do not let your child walk to school with headphones on or playing a hand-held video game because this will make them oblivious to their surroundings. If your child will be riding their bicycle to school, make sure they are wearing an approved helmet that fits properly. If you will be driving your child to school, use the designated drop-off area. When entering and leaving the drop-off area, drive slowly and keep your eyes open for children darting between the parked cars. 

Remember, it is the responsibility of all drivers and pedestrians to observe all traffic laws.