Sergeant: UCI trials, tribulation makes us better team

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Kenneth Bangay
  • 95th Communications Squadron
After watching Superbowl XLIII Feb. 1, I thought about our enlisted corp.

Over the past six to eight months, there have been many changes across our country, throughout our military, and especially here at Edwards. Although thins changed, one thing remained constant -- our will to succeed as a team. 

We did have most valuable players who excelled during the Unit Compliance Inspection, such as the 95th Medical Group's Outstanding rating and our professional performers. However, each of us played a vital part for Edwards to successfully pass, while giving the 95th MDG and the professional performers the opportunity to shine. Every unit seems to have more camaraderie with all the preparation for and the inspection itself that we've gone through. 

Teamwork, unity and camaraderie are the things I see more now that we have completed the inspection. Our drive to be proficient in our more than 86,000 UCI checklist items transformed us into professionals together. 

We became extensively knowledgeable within our jobs. We, as Airmen and civilians, as co-workers, as a unit, got it done. We've gained better faith in our fellow unit members for we all were in those late nights and weekends resolving the tasks and preparing our binders to reflect the success of our hard work. 

People are looking forward to things. We're participating in events and taking on challenges we previously would shy away from. I see us accepting that we're here so making the most of being here, it passes time, and makes this base a great place to work and live.