Diamond notes - cold weather gear

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Rolando Pabon and Master Sgt. Carlos Labrador
  • 412th Maintenance Group Air Force Research Laboratory Det. 7
The beginning of the winter season has brought cold temperatures to Edwards AFB, leaving ice on our car windshields and even snow on the ground. Although local conditions are not as challenging as other parts of the country, we must protect ourselves from the elements as we ensure our mission's success. Due to the fact we don't have to use cold weather gear very often, these are some reminders of what is authorized. Remember, always let common sense, safety, force health and established policies be your guide.

· GORTEX jacket, BDU - authorized with BDU and Flight Suit

· APEX Jacket, ABU - authorized with ABU and Flight Suit

· Fleece Liner, Black - authorized w/ ABU & BDU (Note: Not authorized as an outer garment)

· Fleece Liner, Sage Green - authorized with ABU as an outer garment (Note: Must be worn with Velcro name tape & rank and should not be used in office environment)

· Thermal Crewneck Shirt, Black or Sand - authorized with ABU, BDU and Flight Suit (Note: Sand only with ABU)

· Sleep Shirt, Green or Sand - authorized with ABU and BDU

· Knit or Micro Fleece Cap (i.e. Watch Cap), Black or Sage Green
- authorized w/ ABU, BDU, Flight Suit, Blues & PT Gear (Note: Must be worn w/ outer garment. Black only w/ Blues)

· Cold Weather Gloves, Black or Sage Green - authorized w/ ABU, BDU, Flight Suit, Blues & PT Gear (Note: Black only with Blues)

- If the Commander declares delayed reporting on a Monday due to hazardous weather conditions, ABUs, BDUS (until phased out) and/or flight suits may be worn rather than the blue uniform.

This is NOT an all-inclusive list, just answers to some common questions. Please contact your First Sergeant for further guidance.