Chief's Corner - "I Care"

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Rhonda Buening
  • 95th Mission Support Group superintendent
Who cares when we provide exceptional service for a customer? Who cares if we take good care of ourselves, are distracted drivers, or stop for Retreat? I hope you are saying to yourself, "I care." The Air Force mission relies on all of us to give 100 percent every day, in every task to ensure success. Whether we are employees, spouses, parents, or children, what each of us contributes is important.

Do you consider co-workers, peers, supervisors, subordinates, and senior leaders your customers? You should. They are relying on you and your service. Your service protects a nation, ensures livelihoods, shelters families, and provides an income. These are important responsibilities that you should be taking seriously. We must all do our part to ensure mission success, and mission success requires the whole team.

Remember that others are counting on you just as you are counting on them. The service you provide is just as the important as the service you receive, and you should not settle for less than excellent in either. Continue to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you improve service at Edwards Air Force Base every day. You are our customer, our representative, our greatest strength, and our biggest asset.

Our Air Force relies on us working together for improved quality of life and continued mission success. Please care deeply about the service you provide and the obligations we take freely to serve this great nation. No matter your role, if each of us is outstanding individually, we will be a dynamic force together. We are warriors serving warriors. Tie yourself to the mission - own it, protect it, improve it.

We are counting on you and we care.