Residents reminded of rules regarding refuse and recycling in base housing areas

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  • By Housing Office
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The Base Housing office would like to remind base residents about the base's refuse and recycling system.

Refuse and recyclables are collected weekly in the family housing neighborhoods. Separate bins are provided to each residence for refuse, recyclables and green waste. Bins from one residence should never be relocated to another residence.

The scheduled collection days for the housing neighborhoods are Mesquite Meadows - Monday; Juniper Ridge - Tuesday; Joshua Acres - Wednesday; Mountain View - Thursday; and Acacia Hills, Palo Verde Heights, and Tamarisk Plains on Friday. If the scheduled collection day falls on a federal holiday, the refuse and recyclables will be collected on the next work day. For example, if a holiday is on Monday, the bins will be emptied on Tuesday, if a holiday falls on Friday, the collection will be the next Monday.

On collection days, bins should be placed curbside at the end of the driveway. Do not place bins in the street because they inhibit traffic and street sweeping. Plastic or paper bags containing trash should never be placed on the curb for pickup, as they attract animals, especially ravens and coyotes, and may result in scattered refuse.

If for any reason there is a need to place material in a container for which it is not designated - grass in trash can, trash in recycle can, etc. - please leave a note on the container for the collection vehicle driver. Otherwise, the container may not be serviced.

Bins must be removed from the curb by the end of collection day and placed back within the resident's fenced yard or designated area. Bins are not allowed along an exterior fence, in a driveway, or outside a yard.

Do not overload bins with more than 200 pounds of material or they cannot be picked up. Large, bulky items that will not fit into trash or recycling containers may be placed adjacent to the containers at the curb. They will be collected by the end of the normal collection day.

For large items, such as furniture or mattresses, residents may schedule a special pick-up by calling 277-3867. Additionally, consider donating reusable household items to the Airman's Attic, Thrift Store, or other community charities.

Residents may also choose to deliver refuse or recyclables to the Edwards AFB landfill. Managed by J. Torres Co., Inc., the landfill is a state-certified redemption center and authorized to reimburse customers for their California Redemption Value deposits paid on aluminum, glass, and plastic drink containers at the time of purchase. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The landfill will close when winds exceed 45 mph.

There are items that the landfill is not authorized to accept - universal waste; household hazardous waste; oil; car batteries; tires; paints; cleaning fluids; appliances; auto parts; or machinery containing Freon, gasoline, oils, or propane. Other items the landfill is not authorized to accept are electronics, televisions, computer components and any liquids over one gallon, including cooking fluids.

In 1995, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized the Universal Waste Rule, a set of regulations that makes it illegal to dispose of any universal waste in the trash. Examples of universal waste products are compact fluorescent lamps, batteries, mercury-containing thermometers, and unused pesticides. Universal waste contains mercury, lead, cadmium, copper or other substances that are hazardous to people and the environment.

Household hazardous waste includes products purchased for use around the home including household cleaners, deodorizers, personal hygiene products, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, pet care products, paint products, photographic chemicals and swimming pool chemicals.

For most items not accepted at the landfill there are other methods of disposal available to housing residents. Oil and car batteries may be taken to the Skills Development Center. Tires may be taken to the Army and Air Force Exchange Service auto center and service station. Paints, cleaning fluids, tanks with propane, and electronics of all kinds may be taken to the U-Fix-It store located in the Acepex Housing Maintenance Office, in Bldg. 6691 on Payne Ave. near the corner of Payne and Forbes. Hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Most products turned into Acepex will be available for reissue at no cost to housing residents. This program is designed to help reduce and effectively manage used household chemicals by reducing the amount of hazardous material going into the base landfill.

Used or unused cooking oils or kitchen grease that exceed one gallon may be deposited into the 50-gallon used cooking oil kettle located behind Club Muroc. Housing residents may also use the kettle located near the recycling dumpster on the north side of the Muroc Lake Golf Course parking lot.

For further questions contact J. Torres Co., Inc. at 277-3867 (277-DUMP). The government point of contact for refuse, recycling, green waste, and landfill issues or questions is the Contract Management Office at 277-2431.

For more information about the California Universal Waste Rule and universal waste disposal centers at Edwards AFB, call Environmental Management at 277-1401.