We Wear the Cloth of Our Nation, the ABU

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Bill Thomaston
  • Command Chief 95th Air Base Wing
November 1 marks the official end to the woodland Battle Dress Uniform and the Desert Combat Uniform, also known as the BDU and DCU. On that date, the Airman Battle Uniform is the only authorized battle dress uniform for Air Force members stateside. Wear of the ABU items will be mandatory according Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance.

The revised AFI phases out the battle dress uniforms, black T-shirts, black combat boots, desert camouflage uniforms and tan boots, excluding deployed airmen.

The BDU has served our nation well, as have the people who have worn it with honor. But the war we have been fighting is different than anything America has seen before, and we have changed the way we do business, to include the uniform.

As military members, we are called to wear the cloth of our nation. We are called to wear it properly and proudly. As leadership, we expect excellence from Warrior Airmen.

There are many positives to this new uniform. There are cost savings to our force, and advantages in the field, but nothing speaks louder than the American public seeing us as a distinct fighting force, identified by this unique uniform that we wear so proudly. We ask that you think about that as you don your ABU. Think about the positives; think about the force that is made mighty by Airmen like yourself. We are proud to wear this uniform but we are more proud to wear it alongsde fellow Airmen.

Proudly! We are the United States Air Force!

For more information on uniform changes, visit the Air Force Dress and Appearance public website at http://www.afpc.af.mil/dress/index.asp.