• Published
  • By Lt. Col. Jason Schott
  • 445th Flight Test Squadron commander
Many people like to tell me how horrible the world is becoming "these days."

From their view of current events, they are convinced society is on a slide into chaos. While there is certainly evil in the world and in the heart of humanity in general, I must admit that I still have faith in the possibility of a great future of our nation and for the world at large.

Today, my optimism is especially peaked. Why? Because of what I saw this morning (April 24) that renewed my pride in wearing the uniform of an Airman.

What could that be, you should ask?

Working at Edwards AFB, surely I'm referring to one of the technological "firsts" that occur here - faster, higher, better.

From remotely-pilot aircraft firsts: to fifth-generation fighters; to better ways to influence the other side of the globe with airpower and U.S. presence; there could be any number of things to inspire me.

And that is certainly so most days.

I love living and working at Edwards for its place in aviation history - history that is made every day.

But, actually, I digress.

Let me tell you the awesome thing I saw this morning that swelled my chest and increased my love of flag and country.

While driving inbound next to the Rosamond Dry Lakebed this morning, I saw a 95th Security Forces Squadron SUV behind a stopped vehicle. Its lights on to warn commuters looking into the rising sun to beware of people milling about.

As I slowed with traffic and moved to the left lane, I saw a mother and multiple children watching their flat tire being changed. Then I saw the SF member - directing traffic, making radio calls, helping to coordinate a tow truck?

No. The troop was in the dirt putting on the spare tire while the vehicle's owner looked on.

That SF troop showed several hundred commuters that "service before self" and "excellence in all we do" goes far beyond looking sharp in the uniform and honing the skills of wartime.
Right there, I was reminded that the apple pie and baseball kind of America is not lost and that chivalry is still around.

Congratulations to Col. Schwab and Chief Master Sgt. Thomaston for the way your troop made the 95th ABW and all of us of the Edwards family look good this morning.

To the troop with that bit of stubborn grease still under your fingernails and on the sleeve of your ABUs, thank you for inspiring me.

Editor's Note: Col. Gregory Schwab, 95th Air Base Wing commander, would like to extend a special thank you to Lt. Col. Schott for his kind words in recognizing two exceptional AIrmen: Tech. Sgt. Alan Clontz and Staff Sgt. Justin Painter, 95th Security Forces Squadron.