SPAZZ: The Super Service Dog

  • Published
  • By Kimberley Strong
  • 412th Test Wing

Once upon a time, there was a remarkable dog named SPAZZ, who became the superhero in the life of Kimberley Strong. SPAZZ wasn't just any ordinary pup; he was a Blue Heeler/Cattle Dog with a story as extraordinary as his abilities.

Kimberley's journey with SPAZZ began in April of 2015 when she set out to find a new puppy. Her husband had one condition: it had to be a Blue Heeler/Cattle Dog with a docked tail. Little did they know, fate had something extraordinary in store for them.

After scouring the classifieds, Kimberley stumbled upon an ad for Blue Heeler puppies with docked tails. Without hesitation, she called the number and was directed to a rundown home in Bakersfield. Despite her initial concerns about the breeding conditions, Kimberley found herself face to face with a tiny, sickly puppy. Against her better judgment, she brought him home, naming him SPAZZ.

From the moment SPAZZ entered her life, Kimberley knew he was special. Despite his frailty and early health struggles, SPAZZ defied the odds with Kimberley's love and care. With treatment and dedication, he not only survived but thrived.

As SPAZZ grew, so did his bond with Kimberley. He became her constant companion, offering comfort and support through her own battles with epilepsy. Despite her increasing seizures and declining quality of life, SPAZZ remained by her side, a beacon of unwavering loyalty and love.

Then, something miraculous happened. SPAZZ began to exhibit strange behavior just before Kimberley's seizures. With each bark, whine, and paw, he alerted her to an impending episode, giving her precious moments to find safety. It was as if SPAZZ possessed an innate understanding of her condition, a sixth sense that transcended ordinary canine instincts.

Recognizing SPAZZ's remarkable gift, Kimberley embarked on a journey to train him as a service dog. With determination and dedication, they navigated through rigorous training programs, overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way. SPAZZ proved himself time and time again, demonstrating an unparalleled ability to focus and serve Kimberley's needs with unwavering devotion.

As SPAZZ matured into a seasoned service dog, he became more than just a pet; he was Kimberley's lifeline. Together, they tackled life's challenges with courage and resilience, forging an unbreakable bond that transcended the boundaries of human and animal.

Today, SPAZZ stands as a symbol of hope and inspiration, a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of service dogs and the transformative power of love. Through his unwavering devotion, SPAZZ not only saved Kimberley's life but enriched it in ways she never thought possible.

In the end, Kimberley learned that sometimes, the greatest heroes come in the most unexpected forms. For her, that hero was SPAZZ, the super service dog who changed her life forever.