Don't Speed On Base

  • Published
  • By Col. Randel "Laz" Gordon
  • 412th Test Wing

Team Edwards,

I’ve noticed a trend of Edwards personnel speeding on base.  This is a reminder that installation speed limits are limits.  There is no grace for going “1-10 mph over” the posted limit.  The limits exist for your safety and those around you. 

The expectation is that you drive smart, be safe, and have integrity to the traffic rules.  Don’t drive distracted…follow the posted signs.  In other words, be good Wingmen. 

If you’ve ever been in an accident, cared about someone who was, or had to investigate for lessons learned in the aftermath, you know how traumatic these events can be.  They can be largely avoided/reduced by simply following the rules. 

Starting immediately, our Defenders will increase patrols in some of our common problem areas and enforce violations.

A simple “hack” to stay safe and avoid penalties is to use your cruise control.  Driving 10 mph over the limit heading to Rosamond saves you only 42 seconds, but doubles your risk of serious injury or death in the event of an accident, exposes you to suspension of on-base driving privileges, and degrades your efficiency (gas or electrons). 

It’s simply not worth it.  

Very Respectfully,
*Colonel Randy “Laz” Gordon, PhD
412th Test Wing Vice Commander