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Maintenance personnel honored during annual ceremony

  • Published
  • By Katherine Franco
  • 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

The 412th Maintenance Group held an award ceremony on Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., for the Maintenance Professional of the Year, on April 11, 2022.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Annual 2021:

AMN: SrA Dearmin E. Kassab (412 MXL)

NCO: TSgt Jonathan L. Lundgren (912 AMXS/418 AMU)

SNCO: SMSgt Richard L. Carter (412 AMXS/416 AMU)

FGO: Maj Daniel S. Finney (412 AMXS/MXA)

FGO (IMA): Lt Col Richella Hope R. Gayden (412 MXG/CD)

CGO: 1Lt Larissa L. Ablutz (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

1st Sgt: MSgt Earl J. Mata (412 MXLS)

Team: Weapons Standardization (412 MXL)

Test Team: F-35 Weapons Section (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

Supervision/Mgmt: Stephen P. Kimball (912 AMXS/419 AMU)

Staff/Technician: Jesus Lopez, Jr. (412 MXQ)

Trades & Labors: William G. Plumstead (912 AMXS/418 AMU)

Innovation Team: Fabrication Flight (412 MXS/Fabrication Flight)

Innovator: SrA Ian R. Pierce (412 AMXS/411 AMU)

For the Warfighter: SSgt Jamel R. Reaves (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

Volunteer: SSgt Manuel O. Gurrion (412 MXS/AGE Flight)


Lew Allen

SNCO: MSgt Steven L. Richardson (412 MXS/MXM)

Officer: Capt Alexander P. Barden (412 AMXS/461 AMU)


Leo Marquez:

Company Grade Manager Acft Mx  (2Lt-Capt): Capt Alexander D. Lovejoy (412 AMXS/416 AMU)

Supervisor Manager Acft Mx (MSgt-CMSgt): MSgt Jeremy C. Strack (412 MXQ)

Technician Supervisor Acft Mx (SSgt-TSgt): SSgt Frank J. Servais (412 AMXS/416 AMU)

Technician Acft Mx (SrA & Below): SrA Andrew T. Bowman (412 AMXS/416 AMU)

Civilian Manager Acft Mx: Gregory H. Welsh (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

Supervisor Manager Muns/Msl Mx: MSgt Johnathon L. Turner (412 MXL)

Technician Supervisor Muns/Msl Mx: SSgt Jacob J. Puente (412 MXL)

Technician Muns/Msl Mx (SrA & Below): A1C Stephanie Lopez (412 MXL)

Civilian Manager Muns/Msl Mx: Corey M. McCool (412 MXS/Munitions Flight)

Civilian Technician Muns/Mxl Mx: Cesar Zarate Munoz (412 MXS/Munitions Flight)


AFMC Outstanding Weapons Pro Annual

Weapons Professional Amn: SrA Aaron B. Soto (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

Weapons Professional NCO: TSgt Lewis W. Swartz (412 MXL)

Weapons Professional SNCO: MSgt Johnathon L. Turner (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

Weapons Professional Civilian: Michael D. Goodermont (412 AMXS/416 AMU)


AFMC Outstanding Missile Maintenance Pro Annual:

Missile Maintenance Professional NCO: SSgt Yarimar R. Gonzalez (412 MXLS)


AFMC Outstanding Munitions Pro Annual

Munitions Professional Civilian: Jeffrey W. Stevens (412 MXS/Munitions Flight)


Barnes Award

Crew Chief of the Year: SrA James P. Woods (412 AMXS/461 AMU)



MPOY Cat I Airman: SrA Isaac A. Holtz (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

MPOY Cat I NCO: TSgt Vicente J. Martinez (412 AMXS/411 AMU)

MPOY Cat I SNCO: MSgt Ian S. Murphy (912 AMXS/419 AMU)

MPOY Cat I Civ Tech: Robert R. Turner (412 MXS/Maintenance Flight)

MPOY Cat I Civ Mgr: Jeffrey A. Steele (412 MXS/MXM)

MPOY Cat II Airman: SrA Paul W. Donahue (412 MXL)

MPOY Cat II NCO: TSgt Kevin J. Dacumos (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

MPOY Cat II SNCO: SMSgt Anthony A. Higuera (412 MXL)

MPOY Cat II Civ Tech: Garet P. Garcia (412 MXS/AGE Flight)

MPOY Cat II Civ Mgr: Kenneth D. Rommelfanger (412 MXS/TMDE-PMEL)

MPOY Cat III NCO: TSgt Brian A. Field (412 MXS/TMDE-PMEL Flight)

MPOY Cat III SNCO: SMSgt Charles W. Messer (412 MXLS)

MPOY Cat III Civ Mgr: Norman D. Fawcette (412 MXQ)

MPOY CGO Cat I: Capt Alexander D. Lovejoy (412 AMXS/416 AMU)

Support Professional (Does not go to AFMC): Jesse D. Jarwin (412 AMXS/461 AMU)

Mx Trng Sec Instructor: SSgt Christopher H. Perez (412 MXOT)

Mx Trng Mgr: Charles E. Tyson (412 MXOT)

Section/Flight of the Year: Fabrication Flight (412 MXS)

AMU of the Year: 461 AMU (412 AMXS)

Staff Agency of the Year: Weapons Standardization (MXL)