412th Test Wing Warrior of the Week

Warrior of the week

Airman 1st Class Sharon Alvarez-Soto is this week's 412th Test Wing Warrior of the Week. (U.S. Air Force photo by Joseph Pol Sebastian Gocong)


Member: Airman 1st Class Sharon Alvarez-Soto

Unit: 419th Flight Test Squadron

Job Title: Aviation Resource Manager

Career Goal: Alvarez-Soto graduated with an associate's degree in criminal justice prior to enlisting in the Air Force and intends to begin work on a bachelor's in forensic investigation, criminology or psychology this fall. She also intends to increase her proficiency in Spanish and then continue language studies adding a third language to her resume. After completing this continued education, she intends to apply for Officer Training School and use her education and followership skills to lead in the Air Force with the hope of landing a job in the Office of Special Investigations.

Congratulations Airman 1st Class Sharon Alvarez-Soto, the 412th Test Wing’s Warrior of the Week. Alvarez-Soto is assigned to the 419th Flight Test Squadron, as an Aviation Resource manager. Sharon reviewed and approved flight authorizations for a B-52 test of a urgent operational need to supply the PDU-5 leaflet delivery system to the warfighter. This required ensuring flyers from two outside organizations had all qualifications necessary to support this effort and get operational test an early look at new capability. She also was responsible for approving aircrew flight authorizations for a B-2 test sortie that will allow for the first release of the B-61 mod 12 nuclear weapon from the B-2. These efforts directly attributed to the successful execution of the 412th Test Wing mission and deliverying war time capability to the warfighter. 

Thank you A1C Alvarez-Soto for being instrumental in the 412th Test Wing mission. Great job Test Warrior!

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