Edwards AFB modernizes military working dogs facility

  • Published
  • By Harley Huntington
  • 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

Leaders from the 412th Security Forces Squadron and 412th Civil Engineering Group visited the project site of a pivotal new development: the construction of ten new Military Working Dog kennels for the 412th Security Forces Squadron. Groundbreaking for this project occurred on October 19, 2023, with a completion date set for July 31.

Tech Sgt. Bryan Robinson of the 412th Security Forces Squadron highlighted the significance of this development, stating, "The new kennels are designed to be modern and meet all necessary codes, providing a significant upgrade from the current facilities. These state-of-the-art kennels will not only ensure the highest standards of care for our MWDs but will also enhance operational efficiency for the 412th SFS."

The new kennels will provide enough space to nearly double the number of Military Working Dogs assigned to the 412th SFS, increasing the canine force from six to ten. This expansion will bolster security operations and enhance overall mission capability.

"Currently, the limited space in our existing kennels presents challenges in maintaining the separation of MWDs’ food and supplies from those of their human handlers," Robinson explained. "The new kennels will address this issue by creating distinct areas for MWDs and handlers. This separation is crucial for maintaining hygiene and ensuring that our MWDs receive the best possible care."

The improved facilities will ensure the overall welfare of the Military Working Dogs by providing a dedicated area that meets their unique needs. Additionally, the enhanced facilities will streamline daily operations for handlers, allowing them to focus more on training and caring for their canine partners without logistical constraints.

This project underscores Edwards Air Force Base's dedication to maintaining excellence in all aspects of its operations. By investing in modern facilities and expanding the MWD program, the base is reinforcing its commitment to security and the well-being of its personnel and Military Working Dogs alike.